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Dina Reams (Character)
from Den Brother (2010) (TV)

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Den Brother (2010) (TV)
Dina Reams: With Mrs. Moffet gone, you do not exist.

Dina Reams: No, I'm not going to argue with you, because I'm right.

Dina Reams: And one last thing, Mrs. Zamboni - watch Alex Pearson closely. I don't trust him.
Alex Pearson: [as Mrs. Zamboni] D-don't trust Alex? Why, that's absurd. The sweet lad is as honest as the day is long, or my name isn't Edna Mae Zamboni.

Alex Pearson: [as Mrs. Zamboni] Don't you just love this store?
Dina Reams: I don't shop here.
Alex Pearson: Oh, there's nothin' to be embarrassed about, dear. Big boned gals need pretty frocks, too.

Dina Reams: [standing outside the dressing room door] Don't you feel that you should be out there with your Bees, making sure they're in uniform, things like that?
Alex Pearson: [inside, as Mrs. Zamboni] Don't you think you should be out there with YOUR girls, dear? Maybe if you spent more time encouraging them and less time obsessing about us, uh, we won't be handing you your bottoms on a silver platter in this little cookie race, now would we?
Dina Reams: You will be sorry you said that, Mrs. Zamboni.
Alex Pearson: Just keepin' it real, dog, as the kids say.