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Quotes for
Louise (Character)
from We Are the Night (2010)

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We Are the Night (2010)
Louise: That was the most beautiful lie I heard in my entire life.

Louise: I am teaching you something you don't want to know.

Louise: You brought them to us!
Lena: That's not true I didn't say anything to him!
Louise: How did they find us then?
Lena: You kill people every night! Do you think this goes unnoticed?
Charlotte: She's right Louise. Cleaning up has never been our strong point.

Nora: Then why did we go to Paris?
Louise: You should not have killed the pilot.

Lena: Well you are the first human being to ever see it...
Louise: I am not a human being.

Lena: How many of you are there?
Louise: 40 women in Europe, about 100 all across the world.
Lena: And the men?
Charlotte: They are extinct.

Louise: If you knew deep within your soul that there was only one person in the world meant just for you, the only person who could make you happy, what would you give up? What would you sacrifice? And how long would you search for them? How many centuries? And if you ever did find them, then what? Could you ever let them go? Wouldn't you grab onto them with both arms... and never... never let them go?