Abdul Alhazred
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Abdul Alhazred (Character)
from King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (1992) (VG)

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King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (1992) (VG)
Captain Saladin: Lord Alhazred. A visitor to see you. Prince Alexander of Daventry.
Vizier Abdul Alhazred: What is it that you seek Prince Alexander?
Prince Alexander: Pardon the intrusion my lord. But I came to see Princess Cassima. Some months ago my father, King Graham, saved my family and I from imprisonment under an evil wizard named Mordack.
Vizier Abdul Alhazred: The same wizard that kidnapped the princess?
Prince Alexander: Exactly. When my father rescued us, he also liberated Cassima and sent her home.
Vizier Abdul Alhazred: Then your father has my gratitude. And that of the entire kingdom. But I'm afraid I still fail to see the purpose of you visit.
Prince Alexander: [Clears his throat] Well, I came to make sure that Cassima arrived safely and to pay my respects before we parted, she gave me an invitation to visit.
Vizier Abdul Alhazred: I have no doubt she did that exactly that at the time Prince Alexander. However, things have greatly changed for Cassima since her ordeal in Mordacks castle. Cassima's parents both became ill and died while she was gone. Cassima is sequestered in mourning for them as befits the princess. She is not receiving visitors of any kind. Even if she were, I do not think your visit would be appropriate. You see, it is time for Cassima to take her responsibility seriously. With her parents gone, she no longer has the luxury to be a carefree maiden. As was her parents wish, Cassima and I are to be wed, we shall rule the kingdom together. I assure you, our marriage is all Cassima wants now. As a prince and a gentleman, It would be best that you leave before there is any further embarrassment.
Prince Alexander: I see. I suppose that I was mistaken. I thought for certain that Cassima... Well I apologize.
Vizier Abdul Alhazred: A young man sees what he wishes to see. I'm sorry you wasted your time traveling to the land of the Green Isles. May your journey home be swift.
Prince Alexander: Perhaps I will take the opportunity to look around your fair land while I'm here.
Captain Saladin: I would advise against that! The kingdom is rather... say we say inhospitable these days. But it is your neck you may risk it if you please. Captain Saladin will escort you from the castle. Good day.
[Captain Saladin puts his sword away]

Vizier Abdul Alhazred: Seconds later in the castle...
Shamir Shamazel: Master hic. I followed Prince Alexander as you hic wished. From the pawn shop owner just abstained, just re plead hic, Ugh It's just got a magic map!
[Shmir Shamazel falls down like a drunken man]
Vizier Abdul Alhazred: You fool! You've been eating those mints again! I ordered you to stop that!
Shamir Shamazel: Yes... hic master.
[Shamir gets up on the counter]
Vizier Abdul Alhazred: Now. What is this about a magic map?
Shamir Shamazel: With the map, Prince Alexander could travel anywhere as bickley hic I mean quickly as I can.
Vizier Abdul Alhazred: I thought I took care of the only means of travel! By my scimitar I can't have him stirring things up now! Get a hold of yourself and listen carefully Shamir! Go to the other islands and tell them!