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Senator William H. Bracken (Character)
from "Castle" (2009)

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"Castle: After the Storm (#5.1)" (2012)
Senator William H. Bracken: It's not who has the gun. It's who has the power. Do you really think that's you?
Kate Beckett: [Bracken turns to leave] I have the file. Smith had another copy. 08672241, that's the number of the bank account where you deposited the money orders. So you're right. It is about who holds the power. Now, I could release that file and destroy you. But what would that mean for my life expectancy? So here's how it is. The deal that you had with Smith, that's our deal now. And if anything happens to me or anyone that I care about, that file goes public. Am I clear?
[Bracken doesn't respond]
Kate Beckett: That's a yes or no question.
Senator William H. Bracken: Yes.
Kate Beckett: And one more thing. Whoever it is you think I am, whatever it is you think you know about me, you have no idea what I'm capable of, or how far I will go. I am *done* being afraid. It's your turn now.
[Beckett pistol whips Bracken]
Kate Beckett: That's gonna leave a nasty scar. Every time you see it, think of me.

Senator William H. Bracken: When I was fourteen, I got to be friends with this boy in the neighborhood, Lamar Dokes. Sweet kid. I used to help him with his homework after school. Well, one day he doesn't come to school, so I went by his apartment, and the door was open. I walked in, and I found Lamar lying on his mattress, dead; his little sister, the same way. His mother was in the bedroom, she had hanged herself. Now, she left a note. She'd lost her job, she was being evicted, and I thought how could a woman be so desperate, so without hope that she could crush up pills, put them in hot chocolate and give them to her kids? And that was the moment. The moment I knew I wanted to help make people's lives better. And I have. I strengthened the safety net to protect kids like Lamar, I created jobs in those neighborhoods, I've done great things. Just as you've done great things.
Kate Beckett: Who do you think you're talking to? How can you justify yourself to me? My mother was stabbed in an alley because of you. She bled to death, *ALONE*, in a pile of garbage! So save me your campaign speeches about the "great things".
Senator William H. Bracken: You sound a bit delusional, you know? But then again, who are you? You're a disgraced cop obsessed with her mother's murder. And who am I? I'm a decent man looking out for the little guy. That's who the public sees. And every time they elect me, I'm humbled. I strive harder to live up to that ideal. I wanna be that man. And I won't let you, or anyone else, get in my way.

Senator William H. Bracken: [answering a phone call] Hello?
Kate Beckett: This is Kate Beckett.
[Bracken reacts]
Kate Beckett: I can see you know the name. That's right, I'm watching.
Senator William H. Bracken: I don't know what this is about, but I am not interested in playing games.
Kate Beckett: Well, you'd better get interested. I have information that will destroy your career, and I will use it, unless you do exactly as I say.

Kate Beckett: That's far enough.
Senator William H. Bracken: [Beckett approaches with her gun drawn] What do you want, Ms. Beckett?
Kate Beckett: The truth.
Senator William H. Bracken: [smirks] Never expect that from a politician.

"Castle: Veritas (#6.22)" (2014)
Senator William H. Bracken: Hello, Detective.
Thomas: [aiming his gun at Beckett] Don't even think about it.
Sergio: [aiming his own gun at her] Drop the scissors.
[Beckett drops the scissors she's palming]
Senator William H. Bracken: We had an agreement. A truce. Live and let live. I held up my end of the bargain. I even saved your life.
Kate Beckett: And that makes up for what you took from me?
Senator William H. Bracken: What about what I gave to you? Everything you are, everything you've accomplished, is because of me.
Kate Beckett: Is that how you justify murder? It builds character? Then why don't you give me a chance to build yours?
Senator William H. Bracken: You had a future. Why couldn't you just let this go and move on, so I could do the same?
[heavy sigh]
Senator William H. Bracken: So I guess there's no point in asking for your vote, is there?
Kate Beckett: You're not gonna be on the ballot. A presidential campaign financed by drug money with a trail of dead bodies? There's no hole big enough to bury all of that.
Senator William H. Bracken: I gotta tell you, part of me really admires you. Your moral certitude. The way you fight for what you believe in, even knowing it's gonna destroy you. But the part of me that admires you is not the part that makes tough decisions.
Kate Beckett: Fine. Then kill me. Do it. Pull the trigger.
Senator William H. Bracken: I have people for that.
Kate Beckett: I don't want them. I want you. Do it. Now. Or don't you have the balls?
Senator William H. Bracken: And create physical evidence linking me to the crime scene? We both know I'm smarter than that.
[he cups her face]
Senator William H. Bracken: Goodbye, Kate.
Kate Beckett: [Bracken turns to leave] The truth is gonna come out!
Senator William H. Bracken: There is no truth. Not anymore.

Senator William H. Bracken: [Beckett interrupts a TV interview] You can't... you can't be here.
Kate Beckett: I found the tape. I found it. It's over. Senator Bracken, you are under arrest for conspiracy, fraud, and the murder of my mother, Johanna Beckett. Turn around, please.

[Beckett has found the recording Montgomery left for her]
Senator William H. Bracken: [on the recording] Raglan, shut the door. You three got a lot of balls coming here.
Captain Victoria Gates: Is that...?
Richard Castle: Senator Bracken. Back when he was still Assistant D.A.
Captain Roy Montgomery: [on the recording] Look, we just want to make sure we're all on the same page.
Kate Beckett: And that's Montgomery.
Captain Roy Montgomery: You took us for a lot of money, Bracken. We want assurances.
Senator William H. Bracken: Hey, be happy I haven't busted the three of you for your little mafia extortion ring.
Captain Roy Montgomery: Whoa! Relax.
Senator William H. Bracken: No, no. You want assurances? Here you go. I assure you that as easily as I pinned Bob Armen's murder on Pulgatti, I could just as easily put it on the cops who actually did the deed.
Captain Victoria Gates: Bracken just admitted to blackmailing them.
Richard Castle: He sure did.
Captain Roy Montgomery: Pulgatti knows he's been framed. What if someone gets onto this?
Senator William H. Bracken: Then I'll handle them.
Captain Roy Montgomery: You? How?
Senator William H. Bracken: I know people, Roy. Dangerous people. Anyone gets too close, like that bitch lawyer Johanna Beckett who's been poking around, I'll have them killed. I've had people killed before.

"Castle: XY (#8.1)" (2015)
Senator William Bracken: No. No no no no, forget it! I've got nothing to say to you!
Richard Castle: Oh, tough! I know Beckett was here and I know why! So you're gonna call off your dogs right now.
Senator William Bracken: Or what? Are you gonna write something mean about me?
Richard Castle: Or I'm gonna start a scholarship in your name and offer it to the children of the first inmate who shanks you in the prison laundry.
Senator William Bracken: You'll be wasting your money.
Richard Castle: Oh, forgive me if I don't take your word for it.

Senator William Bracken: [laughs, walks towards Castle, and grabs phone]
Richard Castle: [picking up phone] What's so funny?
Senator William Bracken: You. You come in here all on fire about your wife. You don't even know who she *is*... sixteen years Kate Beckett's been obsessed with solving her mother's murder. You really think she can turn off that kind of obsession?
Richard Castle: Are you saying this is *her* fault?
Senator William Bracken: I'm saying she's never gonna be happy just being Mrs. Castle. She needs to tilt at windmills. It's in her DNA, like a moth to the flame. And we all know what happens to the moth in the end.
[hangs up phone]

"Castle: Recoil (#5.13)" (2013)
Senator William H. Bracken: Well... hard to miss the irony of this situation.
Kate Beckett: [trying to stay professional] Senator Bracken, do you have any enemies? Is there anyone that you can think of that would like to kill you?
Senator William H. Bracken: I get threatening letters and e-mails all the time. Comes with the office. My chief of staff keeps a file.
Kate Beckett: Anyone with a legitimate claim?
Senator William H. Bracken: A man doesn't get to my position without upsetting people along the way. Most of them aren't... crazy enough to want to try to kill me. Present company excluded.
Kate Beckett: You know, Senator, I'm not the one that you should be worried about right now.
Senator William H. Bracken: It's just us here, Detective. A shooter on the loose, me in the crosshairs. Must be a dream come true for you.
Kate Beckett: In my dreams, I'm the one that gets to pull the trigger. But you know what? If you're not comfortable with me leading this investigation, you're welcome to step outside and tell everyone why.
[Bracken leans back in his chair, but doesn't reply]
Kate Beckett: Well, then I guess we're stuck with each other. So then let me make one thing clear. This man killed Melanie Rogers, and when someone commits murder - whoever he is, Senator - I will bring him to justice. No matter how long it takes.

Kate Beckett: [McManus blames Bracken for his son's death] McManus' son. Was that you?
Senator William H. Bracken: If I said no, would you really believe me?

"Castle: XX (#8.2)" (2015)
Senator William Bracken: Detective Beckett, you are the last person I expected to see.
Kate Beckett: Why is that? You thought I'd be dead by now?
Senator William Bracken: I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about.
Kate Beckett: Rachel McCord, Matt Hendricks? Five murdered federal agents ringing a bell?
Senator William Bracken: Not a one.
Kate Beckett: And how about this one: LokSat.
Senator William Bracken: [reacting] How do you know about LokSat?
Kate Beckett: Doesn't matter how. The question is what is it, and why is there a hit squad running around the East Coast, killing people to protect it?
Senator William Bracken: We're through here.
Kate Beckett: The hell we are.
Senator William Bracken: Just by being here, you've put a target on my back. You may as well kill yourself right now, Kate. You have stumbled onto something which is so over your head. I am amazed you're still alive.

Richard Castle: [watching the surveillance video of Beckett's visit to Bracken] What did Beckett say that freaked him out so much?
[Ryan rewinds the tape]
Senator William Bracken: How do you know about LokSat?
Kate Beckett: Doesn't matter how. The question is what is it, and why is there a hit squad running around the East Coast, killing people to protect it?
Kevin Ryan: LokSat. Never heard of it.
Javier Esposito: Me, neither, but it clearly scares the hell out of Bracken.
Richard Castle: Figuring out what it means is key, and that's exactly what Beckett is doing.