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The Director (Character)
from "Friends" (1994)

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"Friends: The One with the Screamer (#3.22)" (1997)
The Director: I am hurt!

The Director: [bad review] Come on, stuff your talentless faces with my Mother's Crabcakes!

"Friends: The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work (#9.11)" (2003)
Phoebe Buffay: [walks in and hits Joey]
The Director: Cut!
Phoebe Buffay: No, I'm mad at him! He slept with me and never called!
Female Extra #1: Yeah, me too.
Female Extra #2: Me too.
Joey Tribbiani: No, she means her character! We need some new Extras around here...

"Friends: The One with the Tiny T-Shirt (#3.19)" (1997)
Kate Miller: I have a question about this scene.
The Director: Yes.
Kate Miller: Well, I don't understand why Adrienne's attracted to Victor.
The Director: Peel the onion. First of all, he's good looking.
Joey Tribbiani: Yeah.
Kate Miller: I think my character's gonna need a little bit more of a reason than that.
Joey Tribbiani: Oh, hey, how about this one? Uh, it says so in the script!
[Hits script]
Joey Tribbiani: You know, uh, I don't know why my character likes you either. I mean, it says in the script here that you're a bitch.
Kate Miller: It doesn't say that in the script.
Joey Tribbiani: It does in mine!

"Friends: The One with the Dollhouse (#3.20)" (1997)
The Director: [to Joey and Kate] Stop! Stop it! You must stop! You are bad actors! This is a terrible play! I'll see you in the morning.