Sorina Luminita
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Sorina Luminita (Character)
from Pain & Gain (2013)

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Pain & Gain (2013)
Sorina Luminita: [Daniel and Sorina are having sex behind a car] Yes! Fuck me harder!
Sorina Luminita: Ah! The car!
[the car crashes into the other car at the front]
Sorina Luminita: [Sorina is narrating] My American dream was finally coming true.
Sorina Luminita: Fuck! That was great!

Sorina Luminita: A big music video director does not need these glasses that see in the dark!
Daniel Lugo: I don't want you going through my stuff. Okay? These are not toys.
Sorina Luminita: Big director driving your pussy-ass Fiero with the Scooby-Doo seats!
Daniel Lugo: I need you to sit down right now and listen very carefully. You know where I've been all day?
Daniel Lugo: I've been at headquarters in Langley, Virginia. I haven't been truthful with you, and believe me, it hurts. You have got to understand my work. I'm in the CIA.
Daniel Lugo: Now, good men have died to keep what I just told you a secret.
Sorina Luminita: CIA? Like the CIA-police CIA? CIA, Daniel? That is so hot!
Daniel Lugo: No, no, no, no, no. It's better you hear it all. I mean, I've seen things, okay? Done things. One time in Hong Kong, I had to live for a week in a tree. No food, no bathroom, no nothing.
Sorina Luminita: You poor, poor baby! I am so sorry!
Daniel Lugo: Do you know, this is the real reason I approached you.
Sorina Luminita: Me?
Daniel Lugo: Yes. You think you can handle being an operative?
Sorina Luminita: Oh, my God, Daniel, yes! I'll do anything!
Daniel Lugo: You know my associate, Paul?
Daniel Lugo: The big guy?
Sorina Luminita: Yeah, the weird guy?
Daniel Lugo: Yeah. You're gonna have to work close with him.
Sorina Luminita: This is my adopted country. I'll die for it.
Sorina Luminita: [Sorina sits on Daniel's lap] Daniel, did you ever catch a spy girl?
Sorina Luminita: And then maybe you have to spank her ass.
Sorina Luminita: Yeah!
[Sorina spanks her ass]
Sorina Luminita: And calling her dirty, commie-sucking whore!
Daniel Lugo: Whatever it takes.
Sorina Luminita: Your dick is big babe!

Sorina Luminita: You look so sad, what's the matter?
Adrian Doorbal: I just kidnapped a man.
Sorina Luminita: You did what?
Daniel Lugo: No, no, no, he's kidding. He's getting married tomorrow and he doesn't want a bachelor party.
Sorina Luminita: Hey! You know what? My shift is almost over. So... Meet me at the toilets in 5 minutes. And bring my baby Daniel too.
Adrian Doorbal: For what?
Daniel Lugo: This is your party, enjoy.
Sorina Luminita: [They have a threesome in the bathroom] Bang me harder! Come on! Fuck! Fuck!
Adrian Doorbal: Oh god!