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Quotes for
Mugsy (Character)
from "The Batman" (2004)

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"The New Batman Adventures: Double Talk (#1.6)" (1997)
Mugsy: Well, look who it is!
Rhino: Mr. Ventriloquist. We heard you was out of stir.
Arnold Wesker: Mugsy? Rhino?
Mugsy: So how come you and the boss ain't stopped by the old digs yet?
Rhino: We sure do miss you and Mr. Scarface.
Arnold Wesker: Mr. Scarface is gone. Now, excuse me. I have to go.
Rhino: Hey, what's your rush?
Mugsy: Ya too good for your ol' buddies now? All high and mighty?
Arnold Wesker: No, no. I have to stay away from you. Doctor's orders. To keep Scarface away.
Mugsy: Who you kiddin'? You can't ditch the boss! He's too smart for that.
Rhino: Yeah, when's he comin' back?
Arnold Wesker: He's not coming back! He's gone!