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Sasha Williams (Character)
from "The Walking Dead" (2010)

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"The Walking Dead: Alone (#4.13)" (2014)
[Maggie tells Sasha that she needs her help in finding Glenn]
Maggie Greene: I heard what you said back at the camp. I heard you say you thought we should be in a town.
Sasha Williams: What else did you hear me say?
Maggie Greene: That odds are Glenn is dead. And we should stop. But you're wrong.
Sasha Williams: So why are you here?
Maggie Greene: 'Cause I was waiting for you. I'm not giving up. But I need your help. 'Cause I can't do it by myself. And even if I catch up to Bob, we can't do it alone. I thought that I couldn't ask you to risk your life. But I can. 'Cause I know what you'd be risking it for. And it isn't just Glenn. I get that you're afraid.
Sasha Williams: [Sasha tears up] I am. I am afraid.
Maggie Greene: [Maggie smiles] We could get there.
Sasha Williams: I know. So let's go get Bob... and let's get there.

[Maggie, Bob and Sasha find the Terminus signs on the train tracks]
Bob Stookey: It says sanctuary. That's just another reason to try.
Maggie Greene: Others from the prison could be there. Tyreese.
Sasha Williams: If it sounds too good to be true... maybe if Glenn saw one of these, maybe he felt the same way.
Maggie Greene: He wouldn't. He'd believe, I know.

[Bob asks Sasha if she thinks their group should stop moving]
Bob Stookey: So tell me...
Sasha Williams: Tell you what?
Bob Stookey: You think we should stop.
Sasha Williams: Yeah.
Bob Stookey: Tell me why.
Sasha Williams: To not die.

[Bob tells Sasha that she should try smiling more often]
Sasha Williams: You have been grinning since we left the prison in one piece. If you're so happy to be alive, then why are we walking into the heart of darkness?
Bob Stookey: It's not about me being alive.
Sasha Williams: [Sasha scoffs] Do you even know why you're smiling?
Bob Stookey: Oh, yeah. I'm not alone. That's how it happened when I lost my first group. And my second group. I broke that streak. You'd be smiling, too. Self-awareness is a beautiful thing. You should try it sometime.
Bob Stookey: [Sasha remains silent] Oh, you're not going to take the bait?
Sasha Williams: Nope.

[Bob and Sasha camp for the night in the middle of the woods]
Bob Stookey: There's a lot of noise at night. Cicadas, owls. I think sometimes they go in circles. Still, when I was out here by myself, I didn't sleep much.
Sasha Williams: You're not sleeping much now. You've got to heal. You need to sleep.
Bob Stookey: [Bob lays down] I can try.
Bob Stookey: [as Bob hears snarling in the distance and sits back up] I tried.

[Sasha and Bob sit together in the middle of the night]
Sasha Williams: Bob, what the hell are we doing out here?
Bob Stookey: Why do you think Tyreese is dead?
Sasha Williams: What?
Bob Stookey: If Tyreese were alive, he'd go for Terminus. I know you know that. So why do you think he's dead? Or are you just too afraid to find out if he is or not? Hmm. Up until now, I thought you were the toughest person I ever met. Which is kind of weird, 'cause you were the sweetest, too.
Bob Stookey: [Bob smiles while looking away from Sasha's stare] Just saying.

[Bob tries to encourage Sasha to go after Maggie]
Bob Stookey: She's out there alone.
Sasha Williams: She didn't want us to come. She made her choice for her.
Bob Stookey: I don't care. She's alone. When I got to the prison, I thought to myself, 'How long? The clock's ticking. How long until everyone else is dead and I'm on my own?' Bad things happened 'cause I was scared. They didn't need to. I didn't need to be afraid. Now we get to Terminus and Tyreese isn't there, it doesn't mean he's dead. You don't need to be afraid.
Sasha Williams: I am not afraid.
Bob Stookey: [as Bob pauses] So this is it?
Sasha Williams: It doesn't have to be.
Bob Stookey: [Bob smiles] That's right.

[Bob kisses Sasha on the lips while they're stopped on the train tracks]
Bob Stookey: [Bob smiles] I'm gonna try something here.
Bob Stookey: [Bob kisses Sasha on the lips, smiling] Well, okay.
Sasha Williams: You don't have to do it. You don't have to be alone again.
Bob Stookey: [Bob smiles] I won't be.
[as Bob continues to follow the train tacks to find Maggie]

"The Walking Dead: Always Accountable (#6.6)" (2015)
[Abraham opens up to Sasha about the way he feels about the situation of the group and her]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: You see, I know this group and I know Rick. And whatever happened back there is being managed and kicked right up into its own ass one way or another. I know that. We got beers... and air conditioning... and walls. The table is set for the rest of our lives, and I hope those years to be long and fruitful. I see that time before me... and I've been feeling the urge to make some plays... before the great cosmic Pete comes to cut my throat unceremoniously and I gurgle my last breath. Well, things are gonna go on a while before that, and that hadn't occurred to me before. I've been kind of living check-to-check on that point. I like the way you call bullshit, Sasha. I believe I'd like to get to know you a whole lot better.
Sasha Williams: That one of your plays? What makes you think I want that?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: A man can tell.

[first lines]
[Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha talk to each other on the walkie-talkies while controlling the walker herd]
Sasha Williams: [on the walkie] All right.
Daryl Dixon: [on the walkie] That's 20?
Sasha Williams: [on the walkie] It will be, 642 is a mile ahead. We gotta put distance between us and them before the turn off.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [on the walkie] So floor it.
Daryl Dixon: [on the walkie] All right, try to keep up.
Sasha Williams: [Sasha chuckles on the walkie] Daryl, have you looked at this car? Believe me, we want to get back there, too.

[Abraham and Sasha survive the human attack by shooting clips into a car, when Abraham pulls out his knife]
Sasha Williams: Leave it.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: Just gonna give it a last little polish.
Sasha Williams: What the hell do you got to grin about?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: We won, darlin'.

[Abraham and Sasha take a rest at the offices]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: Can't sleep?
Sasha Williams: What does it look like?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: I just wanted to know if it was a choice. You have no idea how much I want to release that thing from this plane of existence.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [Abraham sighs, looking over to the walker in the locked room] This our new home? Should we give him a name?

[Abraham and Sasha talk about being in control]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: You were out of control for a good while there. Just about took my arm off on the road to paradise. You remember that?
Sasha Williams: I do. I'm in control now.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: Me, too.
Sasha Williams: That's why you want to kill that walker? The one down the street? The guys in the car? 'Cause you're in control.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: 'Cause loose ends make my ass itch.

[Abraham and Sasha talk about having choices]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: If I have not gotten my psyche situated straight, it's because the shit's continually been hitting the fan without respite.
Sasha Williams: Oh, there's been respite. There was a party.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: Oh, I remember that. You had the time of your life there.
Sasha Williams: You don't have to throw yourself out of a moving car... to feel like you're calling the ball. That's easy. You jump out of an airplane, you don't have choices after that. Maybe you play some chicken with the ground, but you pull the rip cord, you live. But if you have a roof over your head, you have food, you have walls... you have choices. And without walkers and bullets and shit hitting the fan, you're accountable for them. I mean, hell, you're always accountable. It's just with all that other noise, you know people won't notice.
Sasha Williams: [there's a pause] Stand watch or sleep.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: The former. Straight through the night.

[Abraham returns to Sasha with the rocket launcher]
Sasha Williams: Where did you get that?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: It is the fruit of some off-the-chart stupidity. Some Grade-A, butt steak idiocy.
Sasha Williams: Self-awareness is a beautiful thing.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: Yes, it is.

"The Walking Dead: Last Day on Earth (#6.16)" (2016)
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [to Rick] They're out there, so I'm gonna be there with you. We are.
Sasha Williams: Package deal.
Dr. Eugene Porter: Uh, what she said.

Dr. Eugene Porter: There, you got it on Shelton. Golf course, country clubs, sloping terrain. No bum rush from the boogeyman. We'd see then from a good piece. It is a longer trip by a third, but we'd get the scenic safety and clear-cut dingles and glens.
Sasha Williams: You're being serious, right?
Dr. Eugene Porter: As coronary thrombosis.

Sgt. Abraham Ford: You think we could do it?
Sasha Williams: What?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: What they did, Glenn and Maggie? Just asking if you could do that. If you're doing something as big as that... if that's living.
Sasha Williams: Could you?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: Yeah. I could. Now. Just so you know.

Rick Grimes: Yeah, we keep driving, we get her there.
Sasha Williams: We will.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: If we have to shove each and every one of them up their own asses.

"The Walking Dead: No Way Out (#6.9)" (2016)
[first lines]
Gang Leader: [in the flashback, we see Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham come upon the gang of bikers sitting in the middle of the road] Why don't you come on out, join us in the road? That's great. Doing well right out of the gate. Now, step two, hand over your weapons.
Daryl Dixon: Why should we?
Sasha Williams: Well, they're not yours.
Sasha Williams: Whose are they?
Gang Leader: [the Gang Leader steps forward] Your property now belongs to Negan.
Gang Leader: [in the present] And if you can get your hands on a tanker, you're people our person wants to know. So let's get those sidearms, shall we? Right now.

[the Gang Leader threatens Abraham and Sasha when they ask too many questions]
Gang Leader: You see, usually we introduce ourselves by just popping one of you right off the bat. But you seem like reasonable people. I mean, you're sportin' dress blues, for Christ's sake. And, like I said, we're gonna drive you back to where you were. I mean, do you know how awkward it is carpooling with someone whose friend or friends you've just killed? Oof. But I told you not to ask questions. And what does this ginger do? So that's that. I don't want you to get the wrong impression of me.
Sasha Williams: [the Gang Leader draws his pistol] Wait! Wait.

[the Gang Leader holds his gun on Abraham and Sasha]
Sasha Williams: You don't have to do this.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [the Gang Leader draws his second pistol out] Shut up.
Sasha Williams: I am talking to the man.
Gang Leader: [the Leader clicks the hammer on his pistols] No, you're not.
Gang Leader: [the Leader pauses before sighing] I'm not gonna kill you. Wait, wait. You know what? Yes, I am!
[as the bikers explode in a burst of flames]

[Daryl shows Sasha and Abraham the dead biker he killed behind the truck]
Daryl Dixon: Son of a bitch was tougher than he looks.
Sasha Williams: Did he cut you?
Daryl Dixon: A little. What a bunch of assholes.

"The Walking Dead: Them (#5.10)" (2015)
[Noah talks to Sasha as he sits staring at the ground]
Noah: I don't know if I'm gonna make it.
Sasha Williams: Then you won't.
Sasha Williams: [Sasha pauses] Don't think. Just eat.

[last lines]
Sasha Williams: [the two girls sit outside the barn by themselves] Why are we here?
Maggie Greene: For this.
Sasha Williams: I see it. Noah, that kid... he said he didn't know if he can make it. That's how I feel.
Maggie Greene: You're gonna make it. Both of us, we will. That's the hard part.
Maggie Greene: [the two pause as Maggie winds up the music box] Daryl fixed it.
Sasha Williams: [the two laugh when the music box doesn't play] You got to be kidding me.
Aaron: [Aaron calmly comes out of the woods and approaches the two girls with his hands up] Hey. Hi. I didn't mean to interrupt. Good morning. My name is Aaron. I know, stranger danger. But um, I'm a friend. I'd like to talk to the person in charge. Rick, right?
Maggie Greene: How do you know...
Sasha Williams: Why?
Aaron: I have good news.
[the two girls freeze but turn their heads with their guns aimed at Aaron, when the music box begins to play]

[first lines]
Maggie Greene: [Rick and his group fend for their own survival looking for food in the woods] Oh, shit. It's been a day and a half. They didn't find anything either.
Sasha Williams: How do you know?
Maggie Greene: I know.
Maggie Greene: [Maggie pauses] How much longer do we got?
Sasha Williams: 60 miles.
Maggie Greene: I wasn't talking about that.

[Abraham offers Sasha some booze]
Sasha Williams: You know it'll just make things worse.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: The way you're going, you're what's going to make things worse. Hey, you're with friends.
Sasha Williams: We're not friends.
[Sasha walks ahead when Abraham just takes a drink]

"The Walking Dead: Knots Untie (#6.11)" (2016)
[first lines]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [Abraham talks to Sasha about one of his military stories] So there we were, scraping our sacks in the sandbox. Open targets in the dunes. All of us sweating and swearing. Sure as hell beat sitting on our asses 30 clicks to nowhere waiting for our humpbacked friend to defecate the keys to our transport.
Sasha Williams: Camels don't eat keys.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: They do, it did. And it shit it out. I shit you not.
Sasha Williams: [Sasha smiles] You're an idiot.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: I've never denied it.

[Abraham talks to Sasha about the new world and having kids]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: Brave new world. I still can't stop thinking about Maggie having a pup. In this.
Sasha Williams: What about it?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: You know, the way things go. The way they can.
Sasha Williams: Yeah. Maybe that's why. Because the way things go.

[Abraham and Sasha kid around about Abraham being an idiot]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: You already called me an idiot.
Sasha Williams: [Sasha smiles] Never had to.

"The Walking Dead: Forget (#5.13)" (2015)
[first lines]
Olivia: [Olivia opens up the armory room for Sasha to get what she needs] No, no, it's cool. I'm usually up. I used to open for a coffee shop every day for seven years. Your brain, is wired to things you don't need anymore. I still like carrying around my cell phone, too. One of these days it's gonna ring and freak my ass out. Hey, um, if you happen to bag a boar out there, can I have a leg?
Olivia: [Sasha looks strangely up at Olivia] To make a prosciutto. I used to cure meats in my basement even before all this. I made some kick-ass pickles, too.
Sasha Williams: Sure, Olivia.
[the scene cuts to Sasha taking out a bunch of family photos, photos from the houses in the community in which she uses for target practice with her rifle]
Sasha Williams: [Sasha fires away feeling a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder, Sasha then sits back on a tree stump whispering] Come and get me.

[Sasha begins to feel overwhelmed by all of the surrounding, happy laughter coming from Deanna's party]
Woman: Sasha, honey, what's your favorite meal? I'd love to cook it for you some time. I do it for all the new arrivals.
Sasha Williams: I don't know.
Woman: Of course you do. Everyone has favorites. So what's yours? Whatever you want. I'm just worried that I'll end up cooking something you hate, you know?
Sasha Williams: You're worried?
Sasha Williams: [Sasha raises her voice to the woman] That's what you worry about!
[Sasha walks out of the room]

[Deanna talks to Sasha about her troubling attitude]
Deanna Monroe: I'm trying to figure out what it is. What it is exactly.
Sasha Williams: This...
Sasha Williams: [Sasha looks to the houses within the community] It isn't real.
Deanna Monroe: Sasha, you've been through a lot and I accept that, but what you just said... that's bullshit.
[Deanna hands Sasha a box of ammo rounds and closes her outside the community gate for tower duty]

"The Walking Dead: 30 Days Without an Accident (#4.1)" (2013)
[Bob asks Sasha to go on the run with her]
Bob Stookey: Let me earn my keep.
Sasha Williams: You were out on your own when Daryl found you.
Bob Stookey: That's right.
Sasha Williams: I just want to make sure you know how to play on a team.
Daryl Dixon: We ain't gonna do it unless it's easy.
Glenn Rhee: You know he was a medic in the Army.
Bob Stookey: [Bob looks to Sasha, smiling] You a hell of a tough sell. You know that?
Sasha Williams: [when Sasha finally agrees] Okay.

[Sasha asks the runners if they're ready to go into the Big Spot store]
Sasha Williams: All right, we go in, stay in formation for the sweep. After that, you all know what you're supposed to look for. Any questions?
Tyreese Williams: Was there ever a time that you weren't the boss of me?
Sasha Williams: [Sasha smiles] You had a few years before I was born.

"The Walking Dead: Crossed (#5.7)" (2014)
[Sasha rips the shirt that she's wearing, the shirt that previously belonged to Bob]
Tyreese Williams: I'm gonna say it and you're gonna listen. And then, when you're ready, you let me help you. You got to say good-bye. He saw it. He felt it. And you hold onto whatever you want to, but I think you should hold onto that.
Sasha Williams: I should have been able to do it by myself.
[Sasha refers to killing Bob's brain from coming back]
Tyreese Williams: You could've. But you let yourself feel it. Kept your eyes open. You let me help you.

[last lines]
[Officer Lamson walks Sasha to the window of the abandoned warehouse, to have Sasha do him a favor and shoot the police walker he says was his friend from before]
Sasha Williams: You see him?
Sgt. Bob Lamson: About 20 yards right of the Sedan. There's a half-wall, he's leaning against it.
Sasha Williams: I see him. Are you sure that's him?
[Officer Lamson suddenly charges Sasha from behind, knocking her unconscious as he makes a run for it]

"The Walking Dead: First Time Again (#6.1)" (2015)
[Abraham returns to the car with Sasha after getting the attention of the walkers by murdering some of them on the open road]
[Abraham looks in the review mirror at the walkers trailing behind]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [Abrahma chuckles] Well, look at me. You didn't see Reg the night he got it. That was a mess. And Pete. His face just... blowing up like Pompeii right when we were cheek to cheek. I think I still got some of his brains in my ear.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [Abraham laughs, looking in the review mirror once more] Well, look at that. All right. Everything is aces again.
Sasha Williams: [Sasha continues to drive the car in a low gear] What the hell are you doing
Sgt. Abraham Ford: I'm just grabbing the bull by the nutsack. I'm living, darling, just like you.
[Abraham laughs to himself]

[in a flashback, Abraham questions Sasha on her intentions for volunteering to do this mission]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: Got a question for you. Just some intel before out little road trip tomorrow.
Sasha Williams: Ask me.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: You doing this 'cause you want to die?
Sasha Williams: [Sasha gives a sincere smile to Abraham] No.

"The Walking Dead: Internment (#4.5)" (2013)
[Hershel, Sasha and Glenn pump an Oxygen Airbag to a sick man's throat]
Hershel Greene: Some council meeting, huh?
Sasha Williams: We're two members short.
Hershel Greene: I think we should make some new rules before they get back. I hereby declare we have spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday. First we have to find some spaghetti.
[as both the sick Sasha and sick Glenn stare at Hershel]

[the sick Sasha tells Hershel that she's alive for how stupid he is]
Sasha Williams: I don't believe in magic or luck. I do the math and I don't gamble. But I don't know if I'd be here right now if you weren't so damn stupid.
Hershel Greene: [Hershel smiles] You know what? I'm gonna take that as a compliment.

"The Walking Dead: The Distance (#5.11)" (2015)
[first lines]
Maggie Greene: Hey. Everyone, this is Aaron. We met him outside. He's by himself. We took his weapon and we took his gear.
Aaron: [Aaron attempts to shake Rick's hand] Hi. It's nice to meet you.
Rick Grimes: You said he had a weapon?
Rick Grimes: [Maggie hands Rick Aaron's pistol] There something you need?
Sasha Williams: He has a camp nearby. He wants us to audition for membership.
Aaron: I wish there was another word. Audition makes it sound like we're some kind of dance troupe. That's only on Friday nights.
Aaron: [nobody from Rick's group laughs at Aaron's joke] Um, and it's not a camp. It's a community. I think you all would make valuable additions. But it's not my call. My job is to convince you all to follow me back home. I know. If I were you, I wouldn't go either. Not until I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. Sasha, can you hand Rick my bag?
Aaron: [Sasha hands Aaron's bag over to Rick] Front pocket, there's an envelope. There's no way I can convince you to come with me just by talking about our community. That's why I brought those. I apologize in advance for the picture quality. We just found an old camera.
Daryl Dixon: No one gives a shit.
Aaron: You're absolutely 100% right.
Aaron: [Rick begins looking through the photos] That's the first picture I wanted to show you because nothing I say about our community will matter unless you know you'll be safe. If you join us, you will be. Each panel in that wall is a 15-foot-high, 12-foot-wide slab of solid steel framed by cold-rolled steel beams with square tubing. Nothing alive or dead gets through that wall without our say-so. Like I said, security is obviously important. In fact, there's only one resource more critical to our community's survival. The people.
[Michonne gives Rick a look]
Aaron: Together, we're strong. You can make us even stronger. The next picture, you'll see inside the gates. Our community was first constru...
[Rick suddenly punches Aaron, knocking him out]
Michonne: [the camera cuts and returns with Michonne telling Rick] So we're clear, that look was not a - Let's attack that man look. It was a - He seems like an okay guy to me look.

"The Walking Dead: Start to Finish (#6.8)" (2015)
[sneak peak from the post-credits, Daryl drives Sasha, and Abraham along the open road in the fuel truck, driving into a group of men parked on bikes blocking their path]
Sasha Williams: Daryl.
Daryl Dixon: Yeah, I see.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: What in the holy shit.
Unknown: [the unknown man talks to the running truck] Why don't you come on out. Join us in the road. If you want to resist and try something. I mean, it's a choice, I guess. But we will end your ass. We will split you right in two. Straight through to the sinuses. So, come on.
[Daryl turns off the truck, as the three exit the truck]
Unknown: That's great. Doing well right out of the gate. Now step two. Hand over your weapons.
Daryl Dixon: Why should we?
Unknown: Well they're not yours.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: What?
Unknown: See... your weapons, your truck, the fuel in your truck, if you got mints in your glove compartment, if you got porn underneath the seat, change in the seats, hell the seats themselves, the floor mats, your maps, the stash of emergency napkins you got there in your console, none of those things are yours anymore.
Sasha Williams: Whose are they?
Unknown: [the unknown man takes three steps forward] Your property now belongs to Negan.

"The Walking Dead: Twice as Far (#6.14)" (2016)
[Abraham visits Sasha after his return back to Alexandria]
Sasha Williams: You okay?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: You said I had choices. You have them, too. Could be 30 years for us here. That's still too short.
Sasha Williams: [Sasha welcomes Abraham in] Come inside.

"The Walking Dead: Strangers (#5.2)" (2014)
[Bob and Sasha joke back and forth about what she dislikes and what he likes about it, while the group walks in the woods]
Sasha Williams: Uh, wet socks.
Bob Stookey: Cool feet.
Sasha Williams: Mosquito bites.
Bob Stookey: Itching reminds you that you're alive.
Sasha Williams: Danger around every corner.
Bob Stookey: Never a dull moment.
Sasha Williams: The hot sun beating down on you.
Bob Stookey: Come on, a glorious tan.
Bob Stookey: [Sasha laughs] I said it and I meant it.
Sasha Williams: No privacy.
Bob Stookey: Captive audience.
[Sasha laughs and kisses Bob]
Bob Stookey: One more.
[Sasha gives Bob another kiss]
Bob Stookey: One more.
[the two laugh and continue to walk]

"The Walking Dead: Four Walls and a Roof (#5.3)" (2014)
[Sasha talks to Bob for the last time who's laying in bed]
Sasha Williams: Why are you smiling?
Bob Stookey: I think I was dreaming. And I think you were smiling back at me in the dream.
Bob Stookey: [Bob see's Sasha smile with tears in her eyes] Yeah, that's it.
Sasha Williams: So what is it? The good that comes out of this bad.
Sasha Williams: [Bob's smile fades as Sasha begins to cry] Bob? Bob?

"The Walking Dead: Infected (#4.2)" (2013)
[Glenn finds the pile of dead rats along the fences]
Sasha Williams: Are you seeing this? Is someone feeding these things?

"The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary (#5.1)" (2014)
[Rick and the group discuss amongst themselves while preparing to escape the train car]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: They seemed nice enough, but I was ready to go.
[Abraham chuckles]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: We just got here, but, damn, it was time to go. When I told them about DC, a wink and a nod from the head asshole in charge they pulled their guns and it was right back to our regularly scheduled shit storm.
Sasha Williams: Before they put you in here, you didn't see Tyreese?
Michonne: No.
Sasha Williams: Good.
Daryl Dixon: Black car with a white cross painted on it. I tried to follow it. I tried.
Carol Peletier: So she's alive?
Daryl Dixon: She's alive.
Terminan: [the group hears the Terminus men chatting outside the train car] Everybody shut up. Shut up!
Daryl Dixon: All right, got four of them pricks coming this way.
Rick Grimes: Y'all know what to do. Go for their eyes first. Then their throats.
Terminan: Put your backs to the walls on either end of the car now!
[the top of the train car unexpectedly opens when a gas can falls in]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [screams] Move!
[the can explodes]

"The Walking Dead: Isolation (#4.3)" (2013)
[Tyreese talks to Sasha through the glass in the prison visiting room]
Sasha Williams: I heard about Karen...
Tyreese Williams: Don't. Don't think about that now. Think about getting better. Positive thoughts. Positive vibes.
Sasha Williams: [Sasha cries] I don't know.