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Quotes for
Quint (Character)
from Black Moon Rising (1986)

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Black Moon Rising (1986)
Quint: [to Nina, as bad guys surround them] I am *wide* open for suggestion right now!

Quint: [as a gate cuts off their escape] That wasn't on the blueprints!
Nina: You broke into this place on *blueprints*?

Marvin Ringer: Mr. Quint and I go back a ways. We used to be, what, in competition?
Quint: I never considered you competition, Marvin.
Marvin Ringer: Aw, that's not nice Quint. We had our moments.
Quint: You must have had yours in private.

[first lines]
Quint: [to store clerk] Coffee?
Kid at Grocery Store: [entering with gun drawn] Alright freeze! One move and you've both dead! You here me asshole?
Quint: This something new for you son?
Kid at Grocery Store: Shut your goddamn mouth!
Quint: Hey fine, no problem. There's the cash register. And right up there's the television camera. And there's a nice full face shot. How 'bout a profile? Look there's a couple of ways we can do this.
Kid at Grocery Store: I told you to shut up!
Quint: Fine. I'm just saying you gotta think these things through. You don't just come walking in to someplace, waving a gun around, and expect the world to put up with that. It's not acceptable behavior.
Kid at Grocery Store: Yeah, you gonna stop me?
Quint: Hell no, go right ahead. Probably got a minute or two...
[faint sirens]
Quint: Maybe you don't. Just trying to help you son.
Kid at Grocery Store: [runs out of store]
Quint: [sighs] That boys got a bad attitude.