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Wilbur Strong (Character)
from The Case of the Curious Bride (1935)

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The Case of the Curious Bride (1935)
Coroner Wilbur Strong: His end of telephone conversation in a restaurant: "Yes, this is the coroner... I will? Over my dead bodies... Well, I can't help you looked all afternoon, I'm at an important meeting of the International Committee for the Elimination of Starvation... All right, but I want you gentlemen to remember one statement, made in my official capacity: 'I'll be seein' ya.'"

Coroner Wilbur Strong: [to a morgue assistant] Get a can opener, son. We'll see whether this Moxley died of pneumonia or wild hair.

Coroner Wilbur Strong: [to assistants as he is entering the morgue with Mason and Spudsy] Get three slabs ready - I'm bringing friends!

Toots Howard: How do you figure it, toots?
Coroner Wilbur Strong: It looks to me like Perry was born with a lot of horseshoes.
Toots Howard: Yes, he always puts one in his glove when he swings a fast one at the D.A.

The Case of the Velvet Claws (1936)
Wilbur Strong: [Opening the door] Welcome, Mrs. Belter. Won't you come in?
Eva Belter: Why - I thought this was Mr. Mason's suite... Mr. Perry Mason. Who are you?
Wilbur Strong: I'm the coroner. We're expecting his death momentarily.