Peter Yogorov
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Peter Yogorov (Character)
from "Person of Interest" (2011)

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"Person of Interest: Endgame (#3.8)" (2013)
Carl Elias: You know what crime you're most guilty of, Peter? Letting this man cook for you
Scarface: [Takes the guns off Yogorov and his men] Those look heavy.
Carl Elias: Relax. If I wanted you dead, I'd be a little more creative than this.
Peter Yogorov: I'm surprised you're still in town. Figured you be on a beach somewhere, sipping mai tais and licking your wounds.
Carl Elias: I just can't leave yet. Not with front-row seats to this little drama playing out between you and HR.
Peter Yogorov: I don't know what you're talking about.
Carl Elias: The wheels of history are turning again, Peter. Take my word for it. If the cops can't control you, they'll betray you. Just like they did me. But unlike me, you still have a chance to do something about this.

Peter Yogorov: [Pointing a shotgun at his door] First five guys through that door get early retirement!
Joss Carter: That come with a pension?
Peter Yogorov: [Opens the door] I remember you.
Joss Carter: Good, we can skip the introduction. HR already rounded up all your boys. You're the last little Indian. And right now, they're on their way here to kill you. So if you wanna live, you're coming with me.
Peter Yogorov: Last time I went with you, you arrested me.
Joss Carter: [Pulls out her handcuffs] Guess old habits die hard.

Joss Carter: There are about half a dozen corrupt cops awaiting trial on the same cell block as your brother right now. You sign this statement I could get Laszlo moved to safer facilities within the next few hours. So what's it gonna be?
Peter Yogorov: Just show me the damn statement.
[Begrudgingly signs]
Peter Yogorov: Now what?
Joss Carter: I get an arrest warrant for Quinn.
Peter Yogorov: You sure you got a judge you can trust with that? Quinn liked to spread that money around. We made him a lot of it.
Joss Carter: Spent the last few days vetting judges. Narrowed it down to a couple. My statement, the evidence you got, and this whole thing comes down to blind luck. Do me a favor, Officer. Choose wisely. Because if you don't, then you, me, and my brother are all dead.

"Person of Interest: Razgovor (#3.5)" (2013)
Sameen Shaw: Where's the girl?
Peter Yogorov: That's HR's deal. The cops might kill a kid. My people have standards.

Sameen Shaw: [Holds up a drug bag] You know where they make this stuff?
Peter Yogorov: I just handle distribution.
Sameen Shaw: Ever try it?
Peter Yogorov: Hell no. My body's a temple.
Sameen Shaw: Have you left the country in the last six months?
Peter Yogorov: No.
Sameen Shaw: Ever had unprotected sex?
Peter Yogorov: Why? You offering?
[Shaw just gives him a look]
Peter Yogorov: No.
Sameen Shaw: Ever had hepatitis, malaria, Chagas disease, or babesiosis?
Peter Yogorov: What the hell is this about?
Sameen Shaw: I need blood. So I'm taking yours.

Sameen Shaw: Get HR on the phone.
Peter Yogorov: [Calls Simmons] Someone wants to talk with you.
Sameen Shaw: Put the girl on the phone, or I paint the walls with Yogorov's brains.
Genrika: Shaw, is that you?
Sameen Shaw: Hang on, kiddo. I'm coming for you.

"Person of Interest: Witness (#1.7)" (2011)
Joss Carter: Elias killed your uncle. You, your father, and your brother went to the bodega for revenge. You didn't know what Elias looked like, So his lieutenant Benny D'agostino was the next best thing. And now you're trying to rub out the witness. The guy who saw your father's face.
Peter Yogorov: We heard from a source That Elias was supposed to be at the bodega that night. But when we showed up Benny was all we saw. Found out what really went down after the owner called us. He said there was another guy.
Lazlo Yogorov: [Cut to the Ferry] Hey, what are you - Corrupt PD? Gun for hire? What kind of guy takes money to protect a scumbag like your boss here? You think he's going to testify after everything he's done? He's tearing this town apart.
John Reese: What are you talking about?
Lazlo Yogorov: You don't know who he is, do you? What he's capable of?
Peter Yogorov: [Cut back to the police station] You don't really get it, do you? You honestly think we'd go to all this trouble For a witness?

"Person of Interest: God Mode (#2.22)" (2013)
Carl Elias: [Discovers he's been taken out of prison by HR] Oh, that sort of prisoner transfer.
Peter Yogorov: Heard a story about you, Elias. Your daddy wanted to put you down. He had two of his goombahs take you for a walk in the woods.
Carl Elias: Does this story have a moral?
Detective Raymond Terney: Yeah. What goes around comes around.
Carl Elias: No. You don't get to talk to me. I'm true to what I am. Like my friend Mr. Yogorov here. I killed his father. He kills me. Fair is fair. But you, you're a - you're an oath breaker. You're a worm.