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Asklepios (Character)
from "Highlander: The Animated Series" (1994)

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"Highlander: The Animated Series: Valka (#2.14)" (1995)
Arak: Asklepios, your incompetence is becoming dangerous for Mogonda. Lord Kortan must be informed about this.
Asklepios: No, wait !
[Arak leaves the glass organ room. Asklepios follows him on the corridor]
Asklepios: If Kortan finds out...
Arak: Exactly. You're finished, Asklepios. Finished!
Asklepios: [kneeling before Arak] I beg you, Arak, give me a chance!
Arak: You wouldn't know what to do even if I did!
Asklepios: Arak, I'm on the verge of disposing a resistance group. Right here in Mogonda.
Arak: You'd say anything to save your skin.
Asklepios: No, I assure you, I'll have all the names soon.
Valka: [interrupting Asklepios] Sir!
[Arak leaves]
Asklepios: Arak!
Valka: [to the bureaucrats] What are you all staring at? Go back to work!
Arak: [heading towards Kortan's throne room accompanied by Merr] He was at my feet, Merr, did you see that? That pompous bureaucrat kneeling at my feet!

Asklepios: [throwing Valka out] I'm sending you back to where you came from, Valka! For good!
Valka: [talking to herself] Keep this up and someone will send you back farther than you can imagine.
[Valka closes the door, takes a metal pipe and hits Asklepios with it, knocking him out]

Arak: [entering Kortan's throne room] Number 28 no longer exists, Lord Kortan. The traitor is terminated.
Asklepios: [upset] She's...
Kortan: Good. Now go, Asklepios. Make Mogonda impenetrable once more. Do it!
Arak: Eternal power to Kortan!
[Arak and Asklepios leave]
Malone: [to Asklepios] Never mind, my Lord. There's more where she came from.

"Highlander: The Animated Series: The Siege of the Dundees (#2.12)" (1995)
Arak: If it had been me, I would have saved a second error for you.
Asklepios: Save your errors, Arak. With your rate of success, you need every last one of them.

Asklepios: Help me, my Lord, help me! Please save me!
[Asklepios is tied downwards over the glass organ and has two bags of explosive attached to his mouth. A lit candle is burning the rope. Kortan takes Arak's crossbow and shoots the candle, cutting its top half and preventing the rope from being burnt]
Asklepios: Tha... tha... thank you, my Lord. You saved my...
Kortan: Your life, Asklepios? No. My city.
[to Arak and Valka]
Kortan: Take him down.
[Kortan leaves the glass organ room]
Arak: If it had been me, I would have saved a second error for you.
Asklepios: Save your errors, Arak. With your rate of success, you need every last one of them.

Asklepios: Tha... tha... thank you, my Lord. You saved my...
Kortan: Your life, Asklepios? No. My city

"Highlander: The Animated Series: Lord for a Day (#2.11)" (1995)
Bureaucrat guard 651: No unauthorized entrance. Orders from Lord Asklepios.
Arak: Lord Asklepios?
[Arak pushes the guard over and forces his way into Kortan's throne room. Asklepios is sitting on the throne]
Arak: What's going on, Asklepios?
Asklepios: In Lord Kortan's absence I make the rules. The entire city owes me respect and obedience and that includes you, Arak. Hand your prisoner over to me. That's an order.
Arak: You've gone mad!This is high treason!
Asklepios: I rule over Mogonda! Obey me or answer to Kortan's wrath!
Arak: [to his Hunters, disgusted] Hand the prisoner over to his lordship.
[Arak and the Hunters leave Volta to Asklepios]
Asklepios: [with a delirious tone] Oh, yes! You are my prisoner!
[bursts into laughter]

Arak: What do you want, Asklepios?
Asklepios: Good to see you too, Arak. I've just located a jettator who has precious information that I know Lord Kortan would dearly desire.
Arak: And... ?
Asklepios: And you're going to snap to it, head out there and bring him back before the Highlander beats you to it.
Arak: How dare you? I take orders from Kortan and only from Kortan.
Asklepios: Of course. You haven't heard, have you? Kortan has put me in charge of this mission. You don't want to let him down again, do you? Anyway , that's what you're here for, eh, Arak? To follow orders? To each his own task.

"Highlander: The Animated Series: Oblivion (#2.10)" (1995)
Asklepios: [ready to brainwash Neil] Don't worry, you'll only feel a slight burn.

"Highlander: The Animated Series: The Survivors from Outer Space (#2.15)" (1995)
Asklepios: I can't understand, my lord. There seems to be a flying machine approaching. Very rapidly.
Kortan: Emerson. I'm going to see an old friend.
Malone: A friend? You mean you have friends?
[Kortan turns around and a scared Malone darts backwards]
Kortan: It will give me great pleasure to greet him. Alone!
Malone: Don't worry, I'll be very discreet, my Lord. I won't get in the way at all.

"Highlander: The Animated Series: The Courage of Love (#1.12)" (1994)
Asklepios: We know that you hid a slave, Arak.
Arak: A slave? What slave?
Asklepios: [laughing ] He is lying, Lord Kortan. He has...
Kortan: Silence, bureaucrat. Return to your papers. You know nothing about war.

"Highlander: The Animated Series: Playing with Fire (#2.23)" (1995)
Arak: You got what you deserved, Asklepios.
Asklepios: That's nothing to what you'll get when Kortan finds out you let my tower be demolished!
Arak: What about you when he learns you fired on Mogonda?
Asklepios: [after brief meditation] Perhaps it's best that Kortan doesn't hear the full story.
Arak: You may be right.

"Highlander: The Animated Series: The Suspended Village (#1.6)" (1994)
Kortan: You may speak, Asklepios.
Asklepios: Lord Kortan, Mogonda is, at this very moment, a cauldron of uncontrolled violence. It is unworthy of our great city.
Malone: [laughing] But my dear Asklepios, Mogonda built its empire on violence.
Asklepios: But this time it's a question of a duel between two of our best men: Major Gorth and Major Arak.
Malone: Gorth and Arak? They hate each other. We may lose one of our best men. Or maybe two.
Kortan: [disapproving] You find that amusing, Malone ?

"Highlander: The Animated Series: The Sound of Madness (#1.5)" (1995)
Kortan: Arak, these are your orders: surround the valley, but leave them an escape route. Right here. They'll have no choice but to find refuge in the Iron City, where I'll be waiting for the Highlander. This time he won't be able to avoid me.
Asklepios: Well, here's an order that even you can carry out, Arak. There's no battle to win.
Arak: [drawing his sword] You'll pay for that!
Kortan: [stopping Arak] Enough! In Mogonda I decide who takes revenge and win. Do you understand?

"Highlander: The Animated Series: Countdown (#2.27)" (1995)
Asklepios: There's something wrong! Somebody has gotten inside the base!
Kortan: MacLeod. He's finally made up his mind. Malone, my sword!
Malone: Service with a smile, my Lord.
Asklepios: Should I stop the countdown, my Lord?
Kortan: No. Why stopping MacLeod when we can crush them all?

"Highlander: The Animated Series: The Revenge of the Shantytown (#2.19)" (1995)
Asklepios: [panicking at the news that Anomas have been set loose in Mogonda] Once they're here, they'll attack us all! They'll remove arms and legs! They'll chop off our heads!
Kortan: [annoyed] Enough, Asklepios.

"Highlander: The Animated Series: Melvyn the Magnificent (#1.4)" (1994)
Asklepios: Well, looks like Mogonda isn't impregnable. Perhaps your Hunters aren't up to the job?
Arak: My Hunters risk their lives while your officials sit at their desks and tremble.