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Christine (Character)
from Awaken (2012/I)

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Awaken (2012/I)
Christine: What'd you wish for?
Alex Hahn: Oh I was just making a wish for somebody else. You?
Christine: Well if I told you then it wouldn't come true.
Alex Hahn: So you're one of those are ya?
Christine: Yeah
[she laughs]
Christine: Yeah. I'm Christine.
Alex Hahn: I'm Alex. It's nice to meet you.
Christine: Likewise. Hey you wouldn't happen to know of a good coffee shop, do you?
Alex Hahn: [he grins] As a matter of fact I do.
Christine: Do they carry Balance Tea?
Alex Hahn: Not yet.
Christine: That's a good answer.
Alex Hahn: You've been in my shop before haven't you?
Christine: I have, about a year ago.
Alex Hahn: [he laughs]
Christine: Do you wanna join me for a drink?
Alex Hahn: I'd love to.

Alex Hahn: Shall we?
Christine: We shall.