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Quotes for
William Winger (Character)
from "Community" (2009)

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"Community: Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations (#4.5)" (2013)
Jeff Winger: I'm sorry. You should take some credit for who I've become.
William Winger: Okay.
Jeff Winger: So let me tell you how I turned out, just so you're crystal clear on your impact. I am not well-adjusted. And more often than not, I am barely keeping it together. I'm constantly texting, and there's no one at the other end. I'm just a grown man who can't even look his own friends in the eye for too long because I'm too afraid that they'll see that I am broken. So you get credit for that.
William Winger: Oh, come on, now...
Jeff Winger: One time when, I was in seventh grade, I told everyone at school that I had appendicitis. I wanted someone to worry about me. But when Beth Brannon asked to see the scar, I didn't wanna get found out, so I took Mom's scissors, and I made one. It hurt like hell, but it was worth it, because I got 17 cards. And I still keep them in a box underneath my bed 22 years later, because it proves that someone, at some point, cared about me. You wanna see the scar? So you get credit for that too. This is me.