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Yashida (Character)
from The Wolverine (2013)

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The Wolverine (2013)
Yashida: Eternity can be a curse. It hasn't been easy for your, living without time. The losses you have had to suffer. A man can run out of things to live for. Lose his purpose. Become a ronin. A samurai without a master. I can end your eternity. Make you mortal.
Logan: What they did to me, what I am, can't be undone.
Yashida: Yashida Industries can do anything. We have reason to believe your ability to heal can be passed.
Logan: Passed?
Yashida: From you to another. You have struggled long enough, Logan.
Logan: I'm confused. I cam here to say goodbye to a man I once knew.
Yashida: I am the same man. I was not ready to die then. I am not ready to die now. But you are, aren't you?
Logan: Are you offering to kill me?
Yashida: No. Not right away. You can live an ordinary life. Fall in love, have a family, grow old. And one day, die an ordinary death. It can be done.
Logan: Yeah, look, nice to see you again. Sorry you got sick.

Yashida: There was a time when our enemies knew honor.

[Logan looks inside the Silver Samurai armor]
Yashida: Logan-san, don't look so shocked. With you at my side, I survived Nagasaki. Surely, I could survive this... It's all right. It won't take long. Dr. Green and I have been waiting. It's only this armor that's kept me alive. We built it to make me strong, so I can take what you would not give. And transfer your unwanted healing to my body. My legacy must be preserved. Your mistake was to believe that a life without end can have no meaning - it is the only life that CAN.
[he begins to start turning younger from the adamantium]
Yashida: Hold on... We are almost there! The peace, the peace you've wanted. Your reward. You know, I'm giving you the very death you longed for. This feeling to be invincible, like you...
Mariko: [stabs Yashida] You are a monster!
Yashida: Mariko, it's me! Your grandfather!
Mariko: [stabs him again] I buried my grandfather!

Young Yashida: Please. Take it. Thank you.
[gives a katana to Wolverine]
Young Yashida: No. Two hands. Japanese sword require two hands.
Logan: Like that?
Young Yashida: That's it.
Logan: It's beautiful, Yashida. But I can't take it.
Young Yashida: Please. Take it. Thank you.
Logan: Keep it safe. Keep it safe for me. Someday, I'll come get it.

[first lines]
[an air raid begins on Nagasaki. At a prison camp, a young lieutenant sets all the prisoners free]
Young Yashida: You! Go! Go!
Logan: [in a pit] That was a B-29, bub. There's no outrunning what's coming. You're better off down here. I'd hurry if I were you.