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Cosgrove Dabney (Character)
from Personal Property (1937)

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Personal Property (1937)
Raymond Dabney: My crime wasn't so serious.
Cosgrove Dabney: Not so serious!
Raymond Dabney: Was it?
Cosgrove Dabney: To buy a motor car and sell it without having paid for it, not serious?
Raymond Dabney: You and Claude spend your whole lives buying woman's underwear on credit and immediately selling it!

Mrs. Burns: What is your line, Mr. Dabney? It must be very interesting, I'm sure.
Claude Dabney: Me? Oh. I'm in ladies underwear.
Mrs. Burns: What?
Cosgrove Dabney: Well, we're both in ladies underwear.
Mrs. Burns: Really? How very odd.

Cosgrove Dabney: Supposing my broker says to me: now, this stock will go up! Or, this stock will go down. What do I say? I say to him: my dear fella, my business is ladies' underwear. And that does not go up and it does not go down. It stays just where it is.