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David Duncan (Character)
from The Gift (2000)

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The Gift (2000)
David: Somebody might come in here
Jessica: Guess you'd better fuck me fast.

Donnie: I asked her that myself one time. She said I was the only man in town that knew how to fuck.
David: You're disgusting.

David: Didn't you tell Sheriff Johnson, that you got scratched by the stray cat, because she didn't like when you killed her.
Donnie: Yeah, but I was lying. My wife was standing right there!
David: How do I know, you're not lying now?

Annie: My granny told me that I... I had a gift. That it runs in my family. And, she told me that I shouldn't be afraid of it. I should just always use my instinct and I'd... I'd be alright.
David: So you're swearing before this court that you didn't get your information about this tragedy from any other means than your special ability? Your "gift"?
Annie: Yes, Sir. I'm swearing that. Yes.

Annie: I got a warning today. I think somebody's gonna try and kill me.
David: So what do you want me to do?
Annie: I want you to reopen the case and find out who really did it.
David: There's a saying about letting sleeping dogs lie. You think you're in danger now? Look at it logically. The real danger begins if this case gets reopened and someone starts worrying that you're gonna have another one of your damn dreams.
Annie: All I know is the wrong man's in jail. I don't care how awful he is. And I helped put him there. I can't live with something like that. So you find a way to reopen this case, Sir. Or I will.