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Ned (Character)
from "L.A. Law" (1986)

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"L.A. Law: I'm Ready for My Closeup, Mr. Markowitz (#6.12)" (1992)
Ann Kelsey: Stuart, I just realized, I've got this deposition until 5:00 tomorrow, I'm gonna have to come right home from there and change.
Stuart Markowitz: Change for what?
Ann Kelsey: The AIDS benefit in Santa Monica.
Stuart Markowitz: That's tomorrow night?
Ann Kelsey: Honey, of course it is.
Stuart Markowitz: Ann, I have my meeting with Lilah Vandenberg tomorrow night.
Ned Barron: Lilah Vandenberg, the Actress?
Stuart Markowitz: Yeah.
Ann Kelsey: I thought that was in the afternoon.
Stuart Markowitz: No, she only takes evening meetings. She finds so much more civilized.
Ned Barron: She a client of yours?
Stuart Markowitz: Well, she's represented by Susan Bloom, but they ask me to take a look at her finances.
Ann Kelsey: So I go to the dinner all alone?
Ann Kelsey: No, uh, uh,why don't you call somebody from the firm? Maybe Douglas would want to go.
Ned Barron: Well, I can take you.
Ann Kelsey: [Ann turned to Ned] Very sweet of you.
Stuart Markowitz: No, wait a minute. That's a great idea.

Ann Kelsey: Who's gonna take care of Matthew?
Stuart Markowitz: Matthew can stay with the, uh, the which you call us next door?
Ned Barron: The Haileys.
Stuart Markowitz: The Haileys. They used crazy about little, uh...
Ned Barron: Chelsea.
Stuart Markowitz: [Stuart continues] ... little, little Chelsea. He won't even know where he gone.
Ann Kelsey: It's black tie, Stuart.
Ned Barron: Well, there's no problem. My roommate used to be a maître d'. Uh, actually he owns a tuxedo.
Stuart Markowitz: Great. No problem. You see. No problem. There's no problem at all. Is it Matthew? No problem.