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Elliot's Cellmate (Character)
from Bedazzled (2000)

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Bedazzled (2000)
Elliot's Cellmate: So what you in for, brother?
Elliot Richards: Eternity.
Elliot's Cellmate: Ooh, that's a long time.

Elliot's Cellmate: She's the devil that one.
Elliot Richards: What?
Elliot's Cellmate: I said she's the devil... that lady cop.
Elliot Richards: Oh... yea. I guess.
Elliot's Cellmate: So what are you in for brother?
Elliot Richards: Eternity
Elliot's Cellmate: Oooo... that's a long time. You must have done some really bad shit.
Elliot Richards: Yea. I sold my soul.
Elliot's Cellmate: Hope you got something good for it.
Elliot Richards: As a matter of fact, I got nothing for it.
Elliot's Cellmate: Well that's a really bad deal if you ask me.
Elliot Richards: Well I'm not asking you.
Elliot's Cellmate: Doesn't really matter, though. Can't sell your soul anyway.
Elliot Richards: Oh, really? Why do you say that?
Elliot's Cellmate: Because it doesn't really belong to you in the first place. No way, no how.
Elliot Richards: So who does it belong to?
Elliot's Cellmate: It belongs to God. That universal spirit that animates and binds all things in existence. The Devil's gonna try to confuse you, that's her game. But in the end, you're gonna see clear to who and what you are, and what you're here to do. Now, you gonna make some mistakes along the way, everybody does. But if you just open up your heart, and open up your mind, you'll get it.
Elliot Richards: ...Who are you?
Elliot's Cellmate: [smiles] Just a friend, brother. Just a really good friend.