Trucker Cobb
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Trucker Cobb (Character)
from The Flight of the Phoenix (1965)

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The Flight of the Phoenix (1965)
Heinrich Dorfmann: I must say, without a radio, you would have expected them to turn for their alternate airport by now. Wouldn't you?
Trucker Cobb: I don't know, you grew up boy? Are you from the oil fields?
Heinrich Dorfmann: My brother's there Dorfmann. I went to visit him on a holiday.
Trucker Cobb: You went to visit your brother a general?
Heinrich Dorfmann: Yes he's chief under the geophysicist for the Iraqi oil company. That pilot, I would have thought he was a little elderly to be flying without a copilot. Wouldn't you?
Trucker Cobb: That sand's a bastard you know that, a real bastard.