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Alicia Corwin (Character)
from "Person of Interest" (2011)

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"Person of Interest: Super (#1.11)" (2012)
Alicia Corwin: My people want answers. Your company has had the NSA feeds for three years.
Nathan Ingram: Not my company, just me.
Alicia Corwin: If congress knew about this machine you're building, about the unfettered access we've given you to all the data we're compiling on U. S. citizens, you wouldn't just be shut down - You would go to jail!
Nathan Ingram: I don't suppose they'd let us be cell-mates.

Nathan Ingram: So I guess the number panned out?
Denton Weeks: What I need you to explain to me is... how? How did some damn computer program spot a traitor when federal agents couldn't?
Nathan Ingram: Honestly? Not a clue. The machine will deliver actionable intelligence in time to thwart any threat to national security, but its operating system is a black box.
Denton Weeks: And if we want to direct this machine at a specific target?
Nathan Ingram: No need. It already watches every target.
Alicia Corwin: You're asking us to take a lot on faith here, Nathan. A piece of software we can't inspect, can't control or modify, that only feeds us intel when it feels like it?
Nathan Ingram: When it perceives a threat. Look, I'm sorry, folks, but it's the only way that we can keep it and us protected. If no human sees what the machine sees, then technically, no one's fourth amendment rights have been violated.
Denton Weeks: Why don't you just focus on your computer, Mr. Ingram, and leave the constitutional concerns to us?
Nathan Ingram: Because I'm a citizen too, and I'm a lot more comfortable having this machine watch my every move than someone like you.

Denton Weeks: If you're going to be supplying crippled software, maybe we need to revisit the question of price.
Nathan Ingram: [Smiles] Why don't you tell him the price negotiated, Alicia?
Alicia Corwin: Mr. Ingram felt that this project was his duty as a citizen, not a businessman. He's building the machine for one U. S. dollar.

"Person of Interest: No Good Deed (#1.22)" (2012)
Nathan Ingram: Is something wrong, Alicia?
Alicia Corwin: You mean other than being a part of an ongoing conspiracy to spy on millions of Americans?
Nathan Ingram: Yes, but it's all for a good cause.
[Slides a paper toward her]
Nathan Ingram: Day after tomorrow, freight train out of Des Moines. The last six cars, the manifest will list the contents as decommissioned computer parts. What about things on your end?
Alicia Corwin: The facility is designed to the specifications you gave us, and it's discreet, where we're putting it. No one's going to go looking.
Nathan Ingram: Any other problem?
Alicia Corwin: Dissemination. We have a protocol in place. If the machine identifies a suspect, the name will find its way to the right people; with no way to trace the intel back to the source.
Nathan Ingram: There can't be. Otherwise... we'll all wind up someplace where no one's going to go looking.

Nathan Ingram: The people on your end; you sure about them?
Alicia Corwin: Making sure no one ever finds out about the machine is our problem. We'll take care of it.
Nathan Ingram: We've known each other a long time, Alicia. Something's got you rattled.
Alicia Corwin: I'm fine, Nathan. I'll be happier when this thing is settled and I can go back to my day job.
Nathan Ingram: And what's that exactly?
Alicia Corwin: Classified.

"Person of Interest: Firewall (#1.23)" (2012)
Alicia Corwin: You're a hard man to find, Harold.
Harold Finch: I don't know who you...
Alicia Corwin: Save it. We met before, remember? Nathan introduced you as his IT guy. He always had a talent for understatement.
Harold Finch: What do you want from me, Alicia?
Alicia Corwin: Nothing complicated. You created God. And now you're gonna help me shut it down.

Alicia Corwin: Before Nathan died, before your machine killed him, I could tell something was eating away at him, the ethics of what he was building. I thought he was fighting with himself over it. But he was fighting with you. He knew, didn't he? The hubris of creating something as powerful as the machine. I can feel it right now. Watching us, listening to us. There's no hiding from it. I'm so tired of running.
Harold Finch: I've made some mistakes. But building the machine is not one of them. You haven't been running from the machine, Alicia, and the machine didn't kill Nathan. You've been running from people. From people that you and I both trusted.

"Person of Interest: Wolf and Cub (#1.14)" (2012)
Will Ingram: That's what this is about - A dollar for dad's patents?
Alicia Corwin: I'm afraid so.
Will Ingram: So this is about the government helping him or screwing him, but why drink champagne? And what does it mean - "The machine"? Crushed by the machine?
Alicia Corwin: I suppose, yes, in a way, he was crushed by the machine.