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Angela (Character)
from Cassandra's Dream (2007)

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Cassandra's Dream (2007)
Ian: Would you sleep with a director to get a part?
Angela: Well, that depends on the part, and who the director is, and how much I'd had to drink.
Ian: It's not a very comforting answer.
Angela: I didn't like the question.

[last lines]
Kate: Aw... I like that. What do you think?
Angela: Yeah.
Kate: I would look good in that.
Angela: Yeah, Terry would love that.
Kate: Would he?
Angela: Yeah, men love that sort of shape. I wore something similar when Ian first saw me.

Ian: I know what's in his mind.
Angela: Ian, I don't affect everyone the way that I affect you. If I did, my career would have taken off a long time ago.