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Captain Pollution (Character)
from Captain Planet (2012)

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"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Mission to Save Earth: Part 2 (#1.23)" (1991)
Captain Pollution: [lunging] I'll show you who's boss around here!
Captain Planet: There *is* no boss around here, Pollution! We're a team. Which is why we'll always beat you!

Captain Pollution: [groaning after Captain Planet has dragged him through clean earth, fire, wind, and water] Oh, have a heart, Captain Planet.
Captain Planet: [grinning] Oh, don't worry, Pollution.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Mission to Save Earth: Part 1 (#1.22)" (1991)
Captain Planet: [heats sand to place glass over a flaming barge in a section he dug from the river] First you take some sand... time to turn up the heat! Presto! Barge in a bottle! Hm. I always *did* want a hobby.