Claire Underwood
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Claire Underwood (Character)
from "House of Cards" (2013)

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"House of Cards: Chapter 32 (#3.6)" (2015)
Claire Underwood: You don't have to mean it. You just have to say it.

Michael Corrigan: You can't parse this, it's all or nothing.
Claire Underwood: That's not how politics works.
Michael Corrigan: But it's how revolution works!

Francis Underwood: [livid about her actions] You're not only the First Lady, and an Ambassador, you're also my wife.
Claire Underwood: In what order?

Claire Underwood: He had more courage than you'll ever have.
Francis Underwood: Do you really want to discuss "courage", Claire? Because anyone can commit suicide, or spout they're mouth in front of a camera. But you want to know what really takes courage? Keeping your mouth shut, no matter what you might be feeling. Holding it all together when the stakes are this high.
Claire Underwood: We're murders Francis.
Francis Underwood: No we're not, we're survivors.

[last lines]
Francis Underwood: I should have never made you Ambassador.
Claire Underwood: I should have never made you President.
[walks out]
Francis Underwood: [to camera] What are you looking at?

"House of Cards: Chapter 52 (#4.13)" (2016)
[last lines]
Claire Underwood: We do this in the name of the Islamic Caliphate, in the name of Yusuf Al Ahmadi, in the name of God.
James Miller: [his head being pulled back] Melissa, I love you. Caroline, I love you. Please, dear God, look out...
Claire Underwood: [watching from Whitehouse situation room] Turn off the sound.
Francis Underwood: That's right. We don't submit to terror. We *make* the terror.

Claire Underwood: You're a well-educated man, Yusuf, and you don't care about Islam or the caliphate. You're just using that to radicalize soldiers.
Yusuf Al Ahmadi: Just as you use democracy and freedom.
Claire Underwood: So now we understand each other.

Claire Underwood: We can't fight everything off one by one, Francis. But if we make this - we make it work for us.
Francis Underwood: Create chaos...
Claire Underwood: More than chaos.
Francis Underwood: War...
Claire Underwood: Fear.
Francis Underwood: Fear. Brutal. Total.
Claire Underwood: I'm done trying to win over people's hearts.
Francis Underwood: Let's attack their hearts.
Claire Underwood: We can *work* with fear.
Francis Underwood: Yes, we can.
Claire Underwood: You should put on a fresh suit.
Francis Underwood: The navy blue.
Claire Underwood: Yes, the navy blue.

Thomas Yates: Is it true? What Hammerschmidt wrote? Is it?
Claire Underwood: No.
Thomas Yates: That's the first time you've lied to me - since you stopped lying to me.

"House of Cards: Chapter 39 (#3.13)" (2015)
Claire Underwood: Tell me what you see.
Thomas Yates: Somebody who's lost. But I don't know, maybe it's all for the best. I'd rather imagine who you might be, than who you actually are.

Francis Underwood: All I am hearing is, it's not enough. That the White House is not enough. That being First Lady is not enough. Not enough.
Claire Underwood: No. It's you that's not enough.

[last lines]
Claire Underwood: I'm leaving you.
Francis Underwood: Claire...

"House of Cards: Chapter 1 (#1.1)" (2013)
Francis Underwood: I know what I have to do.
Claire Underwood: Good.
Francis Underwood: We'll have a lot of nights like this- Making plans, very little sleep.
Claire Underwood: I expected that. It doesn't worry me.
Francis Underwood: I better get to work.

Claire Underwood: My husband doesn't apologize, even to me.

Claire Underwood: I like irons, but i love fire.

"House of Cards: Chapter 26 (#2.13)" (2014)
[to Claire]
Claire Underwood: I wish I had never called. I wish I had never met you.

Claire Underwood: You have to stop him.
Francis Underwood: I'm trying.
Claire Underwood: Trying's not enough, Francis.

"House of Cards: Chapter 44 (#4.5)" (2016)
Claire Underwood: When my father died, it destroyed me, but when I think about Mother, I feel nothing.
Donald Blythe: You two aren't close?
Claire Underwood: No. And I feel the same about Francis. Nothing.

Remy Danton: [sighs] Sorry about Frank,
Claire Underwood: Oh, please, don't bother. I've had enough people say they're sorry, and I know you don't mean it.

"House of Cards: Chapter 38 (#3.12)" (2015)
Claire Underwood: [reading from Yates' book] A cold fusion of two universal elements. Identical in weight, equal in force. United they stand. A union like none other. The un-splittable atom of American politics.
Francis Underwood: Well, he was right about some things.

[last lines]
Francis Underwood: I'm not the first politician that some people don't trust.
Claire Underwood: We've been lying for a long time, Francis.
Francis Underwood: Of course we have. Imagine what the voters would think if we started telling the truth.
Claire Underwood: Not to them. To each other.

"House of Cards: Chapter 45 (#4.6)" (2016)
[last lines]
Francis Underwood: I said you were nothing, in the Oval, without me. It's the other way around.
Claire Underwood: It would have to be different.
Francis Underwood: I know. That's what I'm saying.
Claire Underwood: Come on. Let's see if you can make it to the end of the hall...

"House of Cards: Chapter 21 (#2.8)" (2014)
Claire Underwood: But he's a dangerous man, isn't he? Raymond?
Francis Underwood: We can be dangerous too. When we need to be.

"House of Cards: Chapter 20 (#2.7)" (2014)
Claire Underwood: What should we server the Walkers?
Francis Underwood: Cyanide.
Claire Underwood: I'm saving that for dessert. What about a main course.

"House of Cards: Chapter 46 (#4.7)" (2016)
[last lines]
Francis Underwood: [on the phone] That was before everything.
Claire Underwood: I know...
Francis Underwood: [sets down the phone and crosses the hall to her room]
Claire Underwood: Francis, are you there?
Francis Underwood: [opens her door] We're going to destroy them.
Claire Underwood: Yes, we are.

"House of Cards: Chapter 9 (#1.9)" (2013)
[last lines]
Claire Underwood: Such a shame, all of that hard work.
Francis Underwood: I want to know who lied.

"House of Cards: Chapter 22 (#2.9)" (2014)
Francis Underwood: [to Doug] As for Raymond, we have to strike back hard and fast. I want him obliterated.
Claire Underwood: More than that. Let's make him suffer.
Francis Underwood: I don't know whether to be proud or terrified. Perhaps both.

"House of Cards: Chapter 6 (#1.6)" (2013)
Claire Underwood: You know what Francis said to me when he proposed? I remember his exact words. He said, 'Claire, if all you want is happiness, say no. I'm not gonna give you a couple of kids and count the days until retirement. I promise you freedom from that. I promise you'll never be bored.' You know, he was the only man - and there were a lot of others who proposed - but he was the only one who understood me. He didn't put me on some pedestal. He knew that I didn't want to be adored or coddled. So he took my hand and put a ring on it. Because he knew I'd say yes.

"House of Cards: Chapter 30 (#3.4)" (2015)
Claire Underwood: We don't barter goodwill for the freedom of American citizens.

"House of Cards: Chapter 29 (#3.3)" (2015)
Viktor Petrov: [after demonstrating pickle with vodka] Now you, Mrs. Underwood.
Claire Underwood: To President Petrov, and his little pickle.

"House of Cards: Chapter 27 (#3.1)" (2015)
Claire Underwood: What if you lose?
Francis Underwood: I will not be a placeholder president, Claire. I will win. And I will leave a legacy.
Claire Underwood: You mean, "we" will.

"House of Cards: Chapter 23 (#2.10)" (2014)
Claire Underwood: Are you unsatisfied?
Francis Underwood: There's just too much at stake now. No one we can trust. We don't have the freedom we once did.
Claire Underwood: Maybe it's better this way. No room for distractions. I don't mind the sacrifice.

"House of Cards: Chapter 51 (#4.12)" (2016)
Hannah Conway: Do you regret it, not having children? Oh, I'm sorry. That's too personal.
Claire Underwood: Do you ever regret having them?

"House of Cards: Chapter 41 (#4.2)" (2016)
[last lines]
Claire Underwood: I'm asking for your help. If you refuse to give it...
Elizabeth Hale: Help? You didn't lift a finger to help me when I got sick.
Claire Underwood: You didn't tell me you were sick!
Elizabeth Hale: Because you had turned your back on me! Oh, you are such a disappointment.
Claire Underwood: You don't want me to sell this house out from under you, but I will.
Elizabeth Hale: [pulling off her chemo wig] I am the mother. I am the mother!

"House of Cards: Chapter 48 (#4.9)" (2016)
[last lines]
Claire Underwood: [rehearsing] I've been my husband's partner in marriage for 29 years. Now, it's time for me to be his partner in the White House for the next four.
Thomas Yates: You're right. We can do better.