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Tom Larsen (Character)
from "Scandal" (2012)

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"Scandal: Like Father, Like Daughter (#4.4)" (2014)
Tom Larsen: With the parameters you have given me for the job, this is not an easy task, sir.
Rowan Pope: Tom, look at me. Look at my face. Disappointment often turns to frustration, frustration turns to resentment, resentment turns to anger, anger to rage, rage to indifference. And once I am indifferent, well, I will have forgotten that you were ever one of my favorites, and I just may start wishing for your head, too.

Jake Ballard: And I'm not here to kill you, but from the looks of your conversation with Rowan, that'd probably be my best move. You know, kill you before you kill me.
Tom Larsen: Orders.
Jake Ballard: Right, orders. But what happens after I'm out of the way? You think Rowan lets the only other person who can link him to the death of the president's kid walk around free to tell tales? That's what this is about? He's covering his ass, Tom. I'm first. You're second.
Tom Larsen: Well, you can't protect me from him.
Jake Ballard: I can try. Listen You may not trust me, but you know you can't trust him.
[getting up to go]
Jake Ballard: Well, if you do try to kill me, maybe not today. It's gorgeous out.

Tom Larsen: They'll execute me for treason.
Jake Ballard: Not if you cut a deal. Cut a deal and it will be Rowan's ass in the electric chair.
Tom Larsen: It's my word against his.
Jake Ballard: But you'll have the upper hand. You'll be telling the truth.

[last lines]
Rowan Pope: [in interrogation room] Let me make something clear, Agent Larsen. There won't be one single person left on your side when you leave this room. You want me on your side. You *need* me on your side. And I will do all I can for you if you tell me right now what I need to hear. Who gave you the order?
Tom Larsen: Please, I...
Rowan Pope: Who gave you the order, soldier?
Tom Larsen: Please...
Rowan Pope: Who gave you the order to kill the president's son?
Tom Larsen: Jake Ballard. Ballard gave me the order.
Cyrus Beene: [standing behind the mirrored glass] Sir?
President Fitzgerald Grant: Do it.

"Scandal: Baby Made a Mess (#4.7)" (2014)
Tom Larsen: [to Olivia visiting him in prison] I'm... I'm sorry. I don't... I don't mean to stare. It's just I don't get to look at you very often. Just look. I'm usually working, scanning the perimeter, protecting my president the way I do. I'm in the room, but I'm never in the room. You're usually in the corner of my eye. I've never seen you. And you are beautiful. The face that launched a thousand ships.

Tom Larsen: I've had so many questions for so long that I've been wanting to ask. I mean, what is it that is so special about you? You have so much power over him. He revolves around you. So, I don't understand. Why did you leave him?
Olivia Pope: I'm not answering these...
Tom Larsen: Was it an order from Command?
Olivia Pope: My father? My father doesn't give me orders.
Tom Larsen: You think you... Oh, you think you have a father. I am so sorry, but you don't have a father. You have Command. You were raised by Command. Command doesn't have a family, Command has soldiers. You take orders like any other soldier. You've been taking orders from Command since the day you were born.

Tom Larsen: I could protect him from everyone. Except you. I could never protect him from you, Ms. Pope. You are beautiful. But really, it's what's behind your eyes. I can see it. And you know they all love you. My president, Jake, Command they all love you. And I can see it. I can see why. Helen of Troy. The face that launched a thousand ships. She didn't have a father, either. Her father was a god.
Olivia Pope: You listen to me. My father is not a god. He's a man. A very efficient man who does not like loose ends. You are a loose end. He doesn't need you anymore, so he will have you killed. I will protect you, I will save your life, if you tell me the truth.
[getting right up in his face]
Olivia Pope: Who ordered you to kill the president's son?
Tom Larsen: Jake Ballard.

"Scandal: We Do Not Touch the First Ladies (#3.12)" (2014)
[first lines]
Olivia Pope: [argument being overheard in the hallway by the Secret Service] Can you just let it go?
President Fitzgerald Grant: Let it go? No, I can't!
Olivia Pope: Well, I'm not talking about it.
President Fitzgerald Grant: He's standing outside our door.
Jake Ballard: [in the hallway] You guys always lock down the entire floor?
Tom Larsen: Standard operating procedure.
Olivia Pope: ...How many times are we gonna have this conversation?
President Fitzgerald Grant: Well, what the hell is he doing here?
Olivia Pope: He's here because there is a pack of reporters covering your fundraiser downstairs.
Tom Larsen: ...When we go international, we lock down the floors above and below, as well.

Jake Ballard: Can I help you?
Tom Larsen: I believe it's how I can help you, sir.
[hands him a USB drive]
Tom Larsen: This is everything from today. I'll be making nightly deliveries from now on to keep you up to date.
Jake Ballard: You're B-613?
Tom Larsen: Yes, sir. I'm your eyes on the inside.

"Scandal: Crash and Burn (#1.5)" (2012)
President Fitzgerald Grant: [to his Secret Service agents] Kennedy never left the White House in secret? What am I, born yesterday?
Hal Rimbeau: Sir, we have no knowledge of...
President Fitzgerald Grant: Look, I want to go somewhere spontaneously. How do I do that?
Tom Larsen: I would inform our immediate supervisor at the Secret Service, who'd inform the head of the Secret Service and the White House Press Secretary, who'd inform the White House Press Corps.
Tom Larsen: I would inform our immediate supervisor at the Secret Service, who'd inform the head of the Secret Service and the White House Press Secretary, who'd inform the White House Press Corps. 150 individuals would assemble, along with your bulletproof presidential limousine, your chase-and-follow car, your ambulance, two unmarked vehicles, as well as the sharpshooters and the marine guard...
President Fitzgerald Grant: No.
Tom Larsen: Sir?
President Fitzgerald Grant: What if I wanted to go somewhere alone, no Secret Service, no press, no anything?
Hal Rimbeau: Technically, the President of the United States is allowed to refuse the protection of Secret Service, but, uh...
President Fitzgerald Grant: "but, uh," what?
Hal Rimbeau: It needs to be approved by the Secretary of the Treasury, sir. And recorded in the National Record.
President Fitzgerald Grant: [chuckles] I'm not a prisoner.
Tom Larsen, Hal Rimbeau: No, sir.
President Fitzgerald Grant: I am the most powerful man on the planet.
Tom Larsen, Hal Rimbeau: Yes, sir.
President Fitzgerald Grant: But I can't leave my house.
Tom Larsen, Hal Rimbeau: No, sir.
President Fitzgerald Grant: You see where I might be a little bit annoyed?
Tom Larsen, Hal Rimbeau: Yes, sir.
President Fitzgerald Grant: I am a grown man. I am going to leave here. If I have to walk out to the staff parking lot with you two following me, jump into someone's 1994 Civic, and drive off without protection, I am going to leave. I would like to be safe, and not jeopardize the economy of this country when I did so. Can you come up with a way to make that happen?
Tom Larsen: Two sedans, covered parking, one sharpshooter, and your ambulance.
President Fitzgerald Grant: One sedan and covered parking. No sharpshooters and no ambulance.
Tom Larsen: One sedan, covered parking, no sharpshooters, we keep the ambulance and add two agents.
President Fitzgerald Grant: Sold...
[walks out the door]
Hal Rimbeau: Just like 43...

"Scandal: Where's the Black Lady? (#4.11)" (2015)
Tom Larsen: I'm sorry about Jerry. I am. I didn't have anything against him. He was a nice boy. But he was a boy. And you are a man, a great man, and I had to choose between a nice boy and a great man, and I chose the great man, and I am not sorry about that. I am proud of that. He was a sacrifice. I am a sacrifice. There are sacrifices that need to be made for greatness, brush that needs to be cleared for the path of history.

"Scandal: Any Questions? (#2.21)" (2013)
President Fitzgerald Grant: [to Secret Service agent outside Olivia's door] Open the door. Open the door! That is an order!
Tom Larsen: Respectfully, sir, I do not take orders I do not care who you take your orders from...
President Fitzgerald Grant: Tom! I don't care if you got your orders from Jesus Christ himself as he hung on the cross, Jesus is not me! Jesus forgives. Jesus saves. I destroy! And I will bring vengeance down upon you in a hail of fire and brimstone. You will open that door now, or I will call in every favor I have, making sure you spend the rest of your career guarding baby Teddy at the playground!
Tom Larsen: I need a reason to open that door, sir. A credible threat.
President Fitzgerald Grant: He's having a heart attack. He just texted me!