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Quotes for
Borgoff (Character)
from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000)

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Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000)
Borgoff: Ready or not, here they come. It's Zombie Time.
Kyle: Yeah. Come and get it, zombies!
Nolt: Amen to that.

Borgoff: [clapping after seeing D catch his arrow & snap it in 2] Beautiful. Just Beautiful. I applaud you, stranger. Tell me what you're doing here. If we're in the same game, we should be friends. Tell me your name. Mine's Borgoff. Borgoff Markus.
D: [short pause] D.
[rides off]

Kyle: I have a very bad feeling about this.
Borgoff: How so?
Kyle: I think I've finally figured it out, Borgoff.
Borgoff: Well, I'm sure you're right... if you're thinking they're headed for the Castle.
Kyle: Yeah, that's right, the Castle. The Castle of Chaythe. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? WE CAN'T GO IN THERE, IT WOULD BE SUICIDE! IT WOULD BE INSANE!
Borgoff: What are you now, afraid of a little insanity? Since when have we been sane? We just have to get to them before they reach the Castle.

Borgoff: Hey, did you ever hear the one about the owl and the squirrel? The squirrel works all summer storing away stuff for the winter; all kinds of nuts and seeds. Works real hard. Then one day, just before the first snow, he goes outside for one last look around, when all of a sudden this owl swoops down and grabs him, carries him off.
[looks up]
Borgoff: 'Ah, what a shame' says the squirrel 'what's going to happen to all that good food?'
[starts chuckling; eventually Nolt & Kyle join his laughter, Nolt grabbing Kyle so tightly he starts to choke]