Barry Moochmore
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Barry Moochmore (Character)
from Mental (2012)

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Mental (2012)
Receptionist: [knocking] Barry! Mayor Moochmore!
Barry Moochmore: [through locked door] I'm in conference!
Receptionist: There's an emergency at home.
Jean: [door opens. A lady sits on the bed, dishevelled, make-up smudged, adjusting her clothing. She points to a painting on the wall] I painted that.
Barry Moochmore: I'm helping Jean widen her access road.

Barry Moochmore: Oy, she's stayin' in your room.
Jane Moochmore: Where will I sleep?
Barry Moochmore: You share with Jane.
Jane Moochmore: I *am* Jane.
Barry Moochmore: I don't care about that anymore. Tell your problems to whats-her-name.

Barry Moochmore: Shirley. Shirley. I have been saving this for a special occasion. Your very own waterfall.
[holds up commemorative plaque]
Barry Moochmore: Named it after you. Put it through the Council last year. It's in the rainforest near Mount Warning. It's only a few hours' hike from the road... if you use a machete.
Shirley Moochmore: [takes plaque] Oh. Shirley Moochmore Falls. It's true - I did fall. I fell deep in a forest and there was no one there to hear me. Except there was someone... and it wasn't you. You had a family, Barry. You had a wife.