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Frank Garner (Character)
from "Dark Shadows" (1966)

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"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.95" (1966)
Victoria Winters: Oh, we can sit here and be very logical because we're miles away from Collinwood but when you're back there, it's different. You find yourself believing things that you scoffed at before.
Frank Garner: You're frightened of that house, aren't you?
Victoria Winters: I'm terrified of it. There's something sinister about it. I can't explain it, but it's in the air.

Victoria Winters: I don't know Burke very well, but he's a strange man.
Frank Garner: Well, 5 years in prison is apt to make any man a little bit strange.
Victoria Winters: Sometimes he seems so gentle and kind, and other times he seems capable of cruelty and violence and he frightens me.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.92" (1966)
Richard Garner: Miss Winters comes to us from Collinwood where she teaches young David.
Frank Garner: Well, if there had been teachers like Miss Winters when I went to school, I might still be there.