President Benjamin Asher
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President Benjamin Asher (Character)
from Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

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London Has Fallen (2016)
Benjamin Asher: I will not be executed as propaganda.

Mike Banning: [hands Ben a pistol] Point this end towards the bad guy.
Benjamin Asher: This is not good, Mike.
Mike Banning: Stay in here, stay down, and if anybody but me opens that door, you empty that into him.
Benjamin Asher: What if you don't come back?
Mike Banning: You're fucked.
Benjamin Asher: Mike...
Mike Banning: Don't jinx me.
[closes the doors]
Benjamin Asher: That was inspiring...

Benjamin Asher: [after Banning kills a terrorist as his brother listens via radio] Was that necessary?
Mike Banning: No.

Benjamin Asher: [out jogging] What are you made of?
Mike Banning: [starts running backwards] Burbon and poor choices sir

Mike Banning: [the President just saved his life by killing a bad guy] I was wondering when you were gonna come out of the closet.
Benjamin Asher: That's not funny.

Benjamin Asher: [about a drone strike on Barkawi] We didn't know his family would be there, his daughter was among those that died.
Mike Banning: Well it looks like he got his revenge

Kamran Barkawi: Not many people get to have their death witnessed by billions.
Benjamin Asher: I'm not the only who's gonna die today, Kamran.

Benjamin Asher: [after a narrow escape] What took you so long?
Mike Banning: I had a couple errands to run.

Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
Mike Banning: [walking in front of the heavily damaged White House, and over dead bodies of their colleagues] Sorry about the house, sir.
President Benjamin Asher: It's ok. I believe it's insured.

[first lines]
Mike Banning: You're going to seriously try to rope-a-dope me? That's an old man's move.
President Benjamin Asher: I am an old man.
Mike Banning: No, you're not. But you box like one.

President Benjamin Asher: The United States of America doesn't negotiate with terrorists!
Kang: Who said anything about negotiating?

[last lines]
President Benjamin Asher: We've lost good friends. Family. All good people. Heroes, every one of them. Our hearts and prayers go out to their families. And they will be remembered. Nor will we forget those who serve out of the spotlight, to whom we owe our highest gratitude. Our foe did not come only to destroy our things or our people. They came to desecrate our way of life. To foul our beliefs. Trample our freedom. And in this, not only did they fail, they granted us the greatest gift - a chance at our rebirth. We will rise renewed, stronger, and united. This is our time. Our chance to get back to the best of who we are. To lead by example with the dignity, integrity, and honor that built this country. And which will build it once again. May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.

Kang: I have no interest in your nuclear launch codes. By now, your Pentagon has changed them, no? Sit.
[Forbes and one of Kang's terrorists sits Asher down]
President Benjamin Asher: You from the North? You sure as hell are not from the South.
Kang: I'm working for justice, to give millions of starving men, women, and children a chance at more than just subsistence. To end the civil war your country interrupted so long ago. And yes, for a united, prosperous Korea.
Forbes: It's a whole new world, baby.
President Benjamin Asher: What's the going rate for souls these days?
Forbes: [turns cross] What do you say to me?
President Benjamin Asher: I never would've taken you for a traitor.
Forbes: Me? What about you? You sold this country out long before I ever did. Globalization and fuckin' Wall Street! What's the cost to a presidency nowadays anyway, huh? $500 Million? I'm a fuckin' rookie compared to you!
[Asher head-butts Forbes in the face]
President Benjamin Asher: Gotta keep your gloves up, Forbes.