Zoe Lawford
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Zoe Lawford (Character)
from "Suits" (2011)

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"Suits: Sucker Punch (#2.7)" (2012)
Harvey Specter: Being fully dressed is overrated.
Zoe Lawford: It is when you look like me.

Zoe Lawford: Look, Harvey, when you're a defendant you need the jury to protect you. There's no way they're ever gonna protect you if they don't care about you.

Zoe Lawford: Now we have them right where we want them.
Jessica Pearson: Either you're better than I thought you were or you have absolutely no idea what you're doing.
Zoe Lawford: Trust me, the partners are starting to believe Harvey.
Jessica Pearson: Why?
Zoe Lawford: Because he protected Donna.