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Quotes for
Quentin (Character)
from The Best Man (1999)

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The Best Man (1999)
Quentin: You know how many single honeys be at weddin's? It's about to be a ho-asis in that baby, honey.

Julian Murch: Shelby, it's over. I am not the man for you and you are not the woman for me so let's just stop fooling ourselves. I hope you find what you're looking for, because that's exactly what I plan to do. I have to go. Bye, Shelby.
[he goes inside the church]
Quentin: [Q points at the ground] Don't you think you oughta pick that up?
Shelby: [she looks down] What?
Quentin: Your bottom jaw!
[laughs hystrically]
Harper Stewart: [Harper and Robin come up the stairs] Q! Oh, morning, Shelby.
Shelby: Oh, go to hell!
[she storms in the church]
Harper Stewart: I'll probably see you there.

Quentin: Nigga, I am a pimp, so my future looks mighty bright, thank you very much.

Quentin: This shit is about to be ig'nant off the hook. Luke dancers. Luke... Dancers.

Lance Sullivan: In case you didn't know, marriage is the key to promiscuity.
Quentin: In what world?

Harper Stewart: Hey, is your pops still trying to groom you for the hotel management business?
Quentin: Yeah, for the last 20 years? I'm just not trying to hear all that stuff, you know? Dealing with complaining-a guests, unions, and payrolls, and all that...
Harper Stewart: Yeah, too much like a real job, huh?
Quentin: You know what, nigga? Fuck you. You're my judge, right? That's your job. You judge me.
Harper Stewart: No, I'm just playing, man...
Quentin: No, nigga, you... it's just amazing how you've always analyzed everybody else's shit and then you don't do the same thing for your own self.
Harper Stewart: Will you chill?
Quentin: No, because you've done dirt too, motherfucker, and you're doing more dirt! That's right. You're fucking Jordan tonight, remember? Jordan. See, you ain't any better than the rest of us, got it? Your shit just ain't caught you yet.