Jacob Elway
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Jacob Elway (Character)
from "Dexter" (2006)

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"Dexter: Scar Tissue (#8.4)" (2013)
Jacob Elway: What about you? What makes you crazy?
Debra Morgan: Family shit.
Jacob Elway: Mm. Nothing says family like love and shit.

Debra Morgan: My dad was everything to me. I loved him. And while he's not the man I thought he was, Well, I'm - I'm realizing we're more alike than I thought.
Jacob Elway: To dead dads. Long may they haunt us.
[clanking his bottle against hers]
Jacob Elway: It's a better toast if you open it.
Debra Morgan: I'm good.

"Dexter: What's Eating Dexter Morgan? (#8.3)" (2013)
[staking out and photographic a husband cheating on his wife with another woman in his truck]
Debra Morgan: [bored] Are you getting all this?
Jacob Elway: Yeah. This guy's makin' it waay too easy for us.
Debra Morgan: [shown the camera screen by Elway] Yeah, it's really fucking classy.
Jacob Elway: [continuing to snap pictures] So tell me, who's the guy that dropped you off this mornin'?
Debra Morgan: Who? Quinn? He's a friend.
Jacob Elway: The kind of friend that drops you off in last night's clothes, huh?
Debra Morgan: God, we're not sleeping together, if that's what you're implying. Not that it's any of your fuckin' business.
Jacob Elway: Woah, woah, woah. No judgment, no judgment, no judgment. You are certainly allowed to be a player, if you so choose.
Debra Morgan: [scoffing laughter] What makes you think I'm a player?
Jacob Elway: First, there's Briggs, then there's, uh, your new friend.
Debra Morgan: Well, he's not a new friend. We used to date, just not anymore.
Jacob Elway: Really? So what happened?
Debra Morgan: He proposed. I said no.
Jacob Elway: Jesus Christ. He's certainly a better man than I am. Woman turns down my proposal, I'm pretty fucking sure I'm not gonna stay friends with her.
Debra Morgan: Yeah, but that's just because you're a giant pussy.
Jacob Elway: [laughs]
Debra Morgan, Jacob Elway: [both laugh]
Jacob Elway: Yes. Could be.
Debra Morgan: [laughs anew]