Irma Peterson
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Irma Peterson (Character)
from My Friend Irma (1949)

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My Friend Irma (1949)
Professor Kropotkin: My little pigeon!
Seymour: Who's a pigeon?
Professor Kropotkin: It's only me, Professor Kropotkin.
Jane Stacy: Well, hello, Professor.
Irma Peterson: Hi, Professor.
Professor Kropotkin: Oh, Jane and Irma, my two little proud beauties! One with her head in the air and the other with air in her head.

Irma Peterson: How often does a girl meet a millionaire with money?

Irma Peterson: [to Al] Oh, well, you know Jane. She wants to marry a man with money, but I don't think money's important. Look, I have you, and you have me, and we both have nothing.

Irma Peterson: [On phone] Oh Jane, darling. I called you because I wanted to tell you to be sure not to take a shower.
Jane Stacy: And why shouldn't I take a shower and be clean like all other normal people?
Irma Peterson: Well, you see, I painted the clothes closet, and I hung all the clothes in the shower.
Jane Stacy: Irma, when you come home tonight would you bring a piece of good, strong rope with you? Because there's something else I want to hang in the shower with the clothes.
Irma Peterson: Really, Jane? What?
Jane Stacy: You. Irma Peterson, how could you be so stupid?

Irma Peterson: Oh, Al I always knew you'd succeed. I just can't wait to hear all the wonderful things people say about you after you're dead.

Al: Okay, Chicken. Get on the phone.
Irma Peterson: But I don't know what to say.
Al: Just say you're calling for Miss Jane Stacy. She's been delayed, she's only half-dressed, and it would take a load off her mind if you would pick her up at her house instead of at the bar. Got it?
Irma Peterson: Got it, word-for-word.
[into telephone]
Irma Peterson: Hello?
Al: [covering the receiver] Just to play it safe, let me have it back.
Irma Peterson: Uh... "She would like you to pick her up here because she's half-dressed, half-loaded, and would make a very easy pick-up."

Al: Got anything to drink at your place?
Irma Peterson: We have milk.
Al: Milk? Chicken, this guy's a multi-millionaire. A blue blood. He's used to the best. I'll go out and get a couple bottles of beer.

Irma Peterson: Al, you're all out of breath. You shouldn't let yourself get that way because breath is good for you.

Seymour: And that's how Steve and I became pals. But he's too easygoing. He's not like me. Somebody does something I consider an offense, I don't take it. I fight back. I revolt.
Irma Peterson: Oh, Seymour that's a sign of character and I admire you for it. I like men who are offensive and revolting.

My Friend Irma Goes West (1950)
Jane Stacy: Irma, are you keeping something from me that I should know?
Irma Peterson: Jane, you can beat me, you can torture me, you can rack me on the wheel, you can quarter me into six and a half pieces, but you'll never find out from me that Yvonne, the French actress, is responsible for Steve singing at the Lucky Dollar Club.

Irma Peterson: I miss my mother and father. They were just like parents to me.