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Philippa Vale (Character)
from "Bergerac" (1981)

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"Bergerac: Treasure Hunt (#5.9)" (1987)
[Jim is locked in a wine-cellar overnight with Philippa Vale who is planning to steal a very rare bottle of wine]
Philippa Vale: May as well grab one of the other ones. We're locked in here. We've got to do something.
[she opens it, drinks a glass and offers another one to Jim]
Jim Bergerac: No thanks.
Philippa Vale: No, of course. You don't drink, do you? Oh, James! This does put the kybosh on my plan.
Jim Bergerac: What plan was that?
Philippa Vale: Well I was going to fill you full of fine old vintages and then take advantage of your helpless state.
Jim Bergerac: [grinning] That's your technique, is it? Must be a bit difficult, that - judging the fine line between helpless and hopeless.
Philippa Vale: Course now I really *do* have a problem. You being such a sweet old-fashioned gentleman... If I sit here and polish off this bottle all by myself, *I'll* be the one in the helpless state, and you wouldn't *dream* of taking advantage of me, would you? So do I run the risk of a long cold lonely night of sobriety, constantly buoyed up by the expectation that your iron self-control will crack before dawn's rosy fingers, etcetera etcetera. Or do I cut my losses and drink myself into an abandoned but carnally virtuous stupour?
Jim Bergerac: You *do* have a problem, don't you?
Philippa Vale: I do.
Jim Bergerac: I wish I could help you with it.
Philippa Vale: James!
Jim Bergerac: What am I doing here?
Philippa Vale: You're carrying out an investigation, Sergeant. Isn't that what all good policemen do? Investigate.
[she leans leans towards him and they kiss tenderly]