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Biography for
Aubrey (Character)
from Pitch Perfect (2012)

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Aubrey Posen is a member of the Barden University all-female A Capella group, The Barden Bellas. At the beginning of the movie, as a junior, Aubrey's nervous tick of projectile-vomiting shows at the ICCAs (International Championship of Collegiate A Capella). This ruins The Bellas' chances of becoming the first all-female group to ever win the title. From the beginning of Beca Mitchell's first year at Barden, Aubrey is the co-captain of The Bellas, with her best friend Chloe. Despite only being co-captains, Aubrey still acts and takes charge like she is the sole captain, completely disregarding anything Chloe has to say. Aubrey is seen as an up-tight perfectionist who is always talking about how her father pushes her to be the best and succeed. It is rumoured that her father dies during the period of time in which the movie takes place, all stemming from the use of, "says," and, "said," at the ICCAs in the first scene and just before the 'Just The Way You Are' performance in the pool, respectively. No matter how harsh and uptight Aubrey may seem, she always seems to have the slightest soft-spot for Chloe (especially when it comes to the redhead's vocal nodes). On top of all this, Aubrey has a strong regard for tradition, and is certain that the only way she won't look like a failure is if they win the ICCAs using the set-list from the previous year. During the entire course of the movie, Aubrey shares altercations with Beca which show just how important tradition and winning are to her, which Beca just doesn't seem able to grasp. At the end of the movie, Aubrey and Beca are shown hugging at the end of their performance in the ICCA finals, which has suggested the idea that their improvised pool singing had created some amazing bonds between the new and old captains, especially since Aubrey had always needed to be in control, to prove that she alone could lead a group of mis-fits to winning a title. Aubrey Posen is an extremely deep and multidimensional character whose story may never be told completely. But from what we know, it is obvious that she has always had The Bellas' best interest at heart, showing that she is someone who cares for others and only wants them to be happy - even though many of the Bellas mistake her actions as hard and uptight.

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