Jane Mitchell
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Jane Mitchell (Character)
from Zapped! (1982)

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Zapped! (1982)
Jane Mitchell: Look, whatever happened last night, I faked every bit of it.
[Jane starts to walk off]
Peyton Nichols: Jane!
[She stops and looks back]
Peyton Nichols: That's why it was so good.

Peyton Nichols: Well, well, you two like some refreshments? Plenty of punch left in those watermelons over there.
Jane Mitchell: Looks like you had your share.
Peyton Nichols: Oh, I had a little. Sure love some more.
Robert Wolcott: I've had just about enough of you, buddy.

Jane Mitchell: Who are you going to the prom with, Barney? Why don't you go with one of your mice friends?

Barney Springboro: You talkin' to me?
Bully #2: Yeah pal, he's talkin' to you.
Barney Springboro: Are you talkin' to me?
Jane Mitchell: He already said he was, Barney.
Barney Springboro: Well, you must be talkin' to me. I'm the only one here.
Peyton Nichols: Where am I, Barn?