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Quotes for
Jerry (Character)
from Two for the Money (2005)

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Two for the Money (2005)
Jerry: [on tv show] Stats, records, rankings, weather, if the goal post is tilted just a little bit, the Sykes system uses forty two proven indexes, to eliminate the guess work in sports wagering, without my patented computer based picks, you've got a better shot of having God showing up at your door,with nine strippers a bag of pure Bolivan cocaine even viagra to make Chuck's head blow up, than picking these things on your own.

Jerry: I think I should lead off tonight I got some real strong stuff man
Walter Abrams: You got a good hole, stay in it
Jerry: Come on I went eight for twelve last week I'm hot I'm feeling it
Walter Abrams: You have one good weekend don't get pushy
Jerry: One good weekend? Sykes System revolutionized this industry am I wood?
[Shows a newspaper ad about Brandon]
Jerry: where's my fucking ad?
Walter Abrams: [Grabs the newspaper out of Jerry's hand and slams it down on the table] take a hike
Jerry: What?
Walter Abrams: You're fired you're gone
Jerry: I'm not fired you need me more than ever
Walter Abrams: Get out of here you cut rate parasite