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Troy Burrows (Character)
from "Power Rangers Megaforce" (2013)

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"Power Rangers Megaforce: Legendary Battle (#2.20)" (2014)
Tommy Oliver: Hey, guys.
Noah Carver: Tommy!
Tommy Oliver: You don't have to do it alone this time. We're here to fight by your side.
Wes Collins: You're more than lived up to the legacy we've left for you. We're all very proud of you.
Troy Burrows: Thank you. It's an honor to meet you.
Cassie Chan: Oh, the honor's all ours. Why don't you take the lead?
Troy Burrows: Ready guys?
[they bring out their morphers]
Troy Burrows: It's Morphin' time!
Noah Carver, Troy Burrows, Gia Moran, Emma Goodall, Jake Holling, Gia Moran, Orion: Go, go, Megaforce!

Gosei: I'm sorry the Zords were lost. How is everyone?
Troy Burrows: We've been better. But we're doing okay.
Gosei: This is our darkest hour, but I have faith in you.

Gia Moran: We walked through it all. People are wondering about us. They think we're gone. They still have hope. They believe the Rangers will come and save them.
Jake Holling: How are we supposed to do that? We lost all our Zords. We're completely outnumbered and out-armored.
Troy Burrows: The Earth is in a desperate situation, but the people out there believe in us. Gosei believes in us. The past Rangers believe in us, or they wouldn't have entrusted us with their powers. They all believe in us for a reason, because tomorrow morning, we will be there for them. We will stand tall, and we will fight. And we will win.

[the Legendary Rangers appear before the Rangers]
Noah Carver: Hey, guys. Look over there. What's going on?
Jake Holling: Who... Noah, who are they?
Noah Carver: Legendary Rangers - *real* ones.
Emma Goodall: Look. Over there. Wow.
Noah Carver: Mighty Morphin' and Zeo. Look, I see Turbo. Incredible!
Gia Moran: Lost Galaxy!
Jake Holling: Wild Force, Dino Thunder.
Emma Goodall: Lightspeed Rescue. Mystic Force.
Gia Moran: Jungle Fury and Ninja Storm.
Troy Burrows: And Samurai. They're all here.

Troy Burrows: We can't thank you enough.
Tommy Oliver: No, thank you. Earth is safe again. It was an honor to fight by your side. Well, it's time for us to leave. We'll always be with you.
Troy Burrows: Thank you.

Gia Moran: We did it. It's over.
Emperor Mavro: Wrong again. It's only over when I say it is. I survived far worse than that pathetic attempt. Hundred of worlds, countless enemies have fallen before me, and now you will be added to the list of the defeated and forgotten.
Troy Burrows: Guys, I say we give it all we've got. And I mean all we've got.
Jake Holling: Yeah!
Emperor Mavro: I will crush you!
Troy Burrows: Rangers, power up.
Gia Moran, Troy Burrows, Jake Holling, Noah Carver, Emma Goodall, Orion: Super Mega mode!

Troy Burrows: Ready, Rangers? Time to create a new legend.

Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Fighting this guy isn't going to end this war, we have to take down the Emperor himself.
Blue Super Megaforce Ranger: But how can you get to him?
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: A two-man strike force.
Silver Super Megaforce Ranger: Yeah! And I know just the ship to get us there.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Then what are we waiting for?

Emperor Mavro: What? Impossible! Rangers on my ship?
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: I told you I'd come back for you.
Emperor Mavro: Is that suppose to frighten me? You two are so pathetic, I don't even need to stand to defeat you.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Let's put that to the test.
Silver Super Megaforce Ranger: This is for my planet.
[Orion tries to strike down Mavro but he's knocked aside]
Emperor Mavro: Now you understand why I rule an empire while you are inept fools.
[blocking Troy's and Orion's attacks]
Emperor Mavro: See? You both are nothing.
Silver Super Megaforce Ranger: Super Mega Gold!
[Orions powers up in his armor]
Silver Super Megaforce Ranger: You're wrong. Never again will you do to another planet what you did to mine.
Emperor Mavro: I'll do whatever I please, and nothing will please me more than crushing you.

Red Super Megaforce Ranger: It's over, Emperor. Your fleet's gone.
Emperor Mavro: That was a big mistake!
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: No! Trying to conquer our planet was.
Emperor Mavro: Power is destiny, and yours is to lose! Now I will force you to watch as I destroy your planet!

Red Super Megaforce Ranger: We can't afford to hold anything back. Let's go all-out. Every power. Every mode we've got.

Emperor Mavro: Despite your best efforts, you cannot defeat me. My power is greater than yours, and I will crush you with it.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: You choose to use your power for evil, and because of that, you will never triumph. Good always wins.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: End Game (#1.20)" (2013)
Cyborg Vrak: I was going to let you witness the destruction of Earth firsthand, but since you're such pests, it's time to exterminate you!
Red Megaforce Ranger: Think again! Today is your last, cyborg! Today we will get rid of him for good!

The Messenger: [to Cyborg Vrak] Well done, your Highness.
Pink Megaforce Ranger: Huh?
Red Megaforce Ranger: Your Highness?
The Messenger: Correct. You didn't know Vrak is the prince's brother, the second in line to the throne.
Pink Megaforce Ranger: Prince?
The Messenger: It has been an honor to serve you. Do not worry about the Rangers. I will handle them for you, your Highness.
Black Megaforce Ranger: We'll serve no rulers!
The Messenger: That's because you don't know who is coming.
Pink Megaforce Ranger: No! This planet is ours, and no one is taking it from us!
The Messenger: With your powers gone, what you think is irrelevant. Now I will do my duty: protect my loyal leader and finish what Lord Vrak started- the task of eliminating you!

Metal Alice: Time for you to witness what a real robot can do. I've had enough of all of you! None of us is leaving today! Even if you had a 100 more Rangers beside you, you couldn't stop me!
Red Megaforce Ranger: You want to bet!

The Messenger: Ah, sire. It is unfortunate that us robots could not complete our mission, and that those pathetic Rangers are still standing.
Cyborg Vrak: It doesn't matter now! They will still be destroyed from above! Start the invasion!
Red Megaforce Ranger: What?
The Messenger: Sir, if I were you, I would go into hiding.
Cyborg Vrak: What are you saying?
The Messenger: The armada will be here any minute, and the place will be crawling with new soldiers. They won't recognize you and may mistake for you an enemy. You must hide! There will be thousands upon thousands of them. They've gathered here to attack from all across the universe!

Red Megaforce Ranger: Gosei, do you read me? Gosei!
Blue Megaforce Ranger: No answer at all?
Red Megaforce Ranger: Nothing! I've got to find Robo Knight!
[Troy runs off]
Blue Megaforce Ranger: Wait! Troy, no!
Yellow Megaforce Ranger: Troy!
Blue Megaforce Ranger: Troy!
[to be continued... ]

Robo Knight: I was able to divert all of my internal energy to recharge my morpher and open a trifusion portal that drained all of the Messenger's energy from him. He is currently incapacitated, but I don't for how long. Time is of the the essence. Now, quickly, get out your morphers while there's still time! I absorbed his attack energy so I can pass it on to you. I can only hold it for a short time.
[the energy from Robo Knight recharges the Rangers' morphers, Robo Knight falls to his knees]
Pink Megaforce Ranger: Robo Knight!
Robo Knight: No! Mega Rangers, I use the last of my energy to recharge your morphers, so you will have to complete this mission without my assistance. The Messenger is regaining his strength. Take this. It will give you the edge you need.
[Robo Knight hands his Robo Blaster to Troy]
Red Megaforce Ranger: I'll bring it back.
Robo Knight: The Messenger has arrived. You must go destroy him once and for all. Now!

Red Megaforce Ranger: You're ruthless, Vrak!
Cyborg Vrak: Yes! And even though I couldn't do it myself, I take comfort knowing that you will be destroyed soon! Goodbye!
[Vrak teleports away]

"Power Rangers Megaforce: The Wrath (#2.19)" (2014)
Orion: Thanks, guys. I'm gonna miss you more than you can possibly know. I owe you guys a lot.
[to Noah]
Orion: Noah, you showed me the importance of fighting with your head as well with your hands.
[to Gia]
Orion: And, Gia, you showed me that you can be tough and caring at the same time.
[to Jake]
Orion: Jake, you made me see in the most difficult times, you can find some humor to see it through.
Jake Holling: That's why everyone loves me. Except for some stubborn people.
[to Emma]
Orion: Emma... your empathy helped heal the scars of losing my home. Thank you.
[to Troy]
Orion: And, Troy... you taught me the most important lesson of all: how to be a Ranger.
[removes his bracelet]
Orion: I want you have this.
Jake Holling: I couldn't.
Orion: Just keep it for me till the next time we meet.
Noah Carver: Safe travels, Orion.
Troy Burrows: Till the next time.

Jake Holling: Well, there he goes.
Emma Goodall: Good-byes are always so sad.
Gia Moran: Come on. How about we pay a visit to Ernie? I'm sure he could use some cheering up.
Jake Holling: I could use some myself.
Noah Carver: I know, buddy. Get you a froyo. Troy's buying.
Troy Burrows: Wait. What?

Troy Burrows: That's a voice I heard when I was captured. He's the one that came up with the idea to use me as a bargaining chip to get the Earth to surrender.
Tensou: Oh, no!
Gia Moran: Emperor.
Noah Carver: He said, "All armada forces across the galaxy." Exactly how many are we talking about, anyway?
Gosei: Could be hundreds of thousands. I've never heard of such an immobilization this large. This situation is more serious than you can imagine, Rangers. Emperor Mavro is Vrak and Prince Vekar's father. He has a massive fleet at his disposal. He's incredibly powerful.
Emma Goodall: And Orion just left. It's just the five of us now.
Troy Burrows: No, it's not just us. Look around you. All the Rangers who came before us are here too, and they entrusted us with their power because they believe in us. So really, we're not just five. We're over a hundred all fighting for Earth.
Jake Holling: Yeah!
Gia Moran: Let's get out there in the Skyship so we don't lose a moment when the armada gets here.
Gosei: I believe in you, Rangers.

Redker: What's wrong, Rangers? Just look at them. Did they really think we would let them defeat us? We rule the entire galaxy!
Emperor Mavro: Rangers, I am Emperor Mavro, the leader of the armada. Face it: You cannot hope to stand against a force of this size.
Tensou: Oh, no!
Emperor Mavro: My fleet will grind at you away until it achieves the inevitable. Your defeat. Save yourselves from this pointless struggle. End your futile defiance.
Emma Goodall: There's no way we're gonna leave the people of this Earth defenseless.
Gia Moran: We'll never give up without a fight!
Noah Carver: We need to send this guy a message.
Jake Holling: [to Troy] You thinking what I'm thinking?
Troy Burrows: [brings out his morpher] This enough of a message to get our point across? It's morphin' time!
Emma Goodall, Gia Moran, Noah Carver, Jake Holling, Troy Burrows: Go, go, Megaforce!
[they morph]
Emma Goodall, Gia Moran, Noah Carver, Jake Holling, Troy Burrows: This is our answer! Earth defenders never surrender!
Emperor Mavro: Very well, Rangers. Then you have doomed yourself and your entire planet.

Levira: Curse you, Rangers! Have the courage to face me! Don't stay in your Megazord like cowards!
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Fine by me. Let's go!

Levira: I refuse to let you stand between me and redemption.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: You don't deserve to be redeemed! Redemption comes from changing who you are from the inside.

Kingsmen #1: We're here by order of his majesty.
Kingsmen #2: We will assist you.
Levira: Well, I don't hope he expects me to thank him.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Hiding behind backup, huh?
Levira: Just evening the odds, Rangers. Not that I need their help to destroy you!

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Vrak Is Back, Part 2 (#2.17)" (2014)
Robo Knight: Red Ranger, your voice pierced the darkness that had engulfed me. You brought me back to the light. Thank you. Ah. I am damaged badly. Recovery may be impossible.
Troy Burrows: No. We lost you once. We're not gonna lose you again.

[Robo Knight's Ranger key is glowing]
Troy Burrows: Wait, look at his key. Robo Knight *is* still out there, and he's out there doing something good.

Vrak: Once again Rangers, you're too late. There's no stopping me this time. All three drills have already been activated. They've starting digging into the Earths's core, and how better to usher in the coming the coming darkness with a solar eclipse? The eclipse will unleash the darkest of my powers and gives the drills the speed to reach your Earth's core even faster. This planet will meet its end as it deserves in darkness and despair!
Troy Burrows: Enough said. It's morphin' time!
Troy Burrows, Gia Moran, Emma Goodall, Noah Carver, Jake Holling: Go, go, Megaforce.

Orion: It was amazing. My mind was foggy and... And I could tell I was slipping away, but then there he was.
Gia Moran: Robo Knight?
Orion: The underwater base was exploding, but he came for me. I was barely awake, but I saw him. He sacrificed his own life force and transferred it to me. He may be gone, but I carry his energy inside. He will always be with me.
Troy Burrows: He'll always be with all of us.
Gosei: Robo Knight was a true warrior, and so are all of you, Rangers. You finally destroyed Vrak and saved the Earth. Robo Knight would be as proud of you as I am. His sixth Ranger powers live on in the Silver Ranger and together, you will defeat the armada once and for all.

Red Megaforce Ranger: We're not afraid of the dark or of you.
Vrak: Then you're more foolish than I've thought.
Red Megaforce Ranger: Even when its darkest, the fire inside us will burn bright, and we'll keep Robo Knight's fire alive by fighting for everything he believed in.
Vrak: Darkness will always be stronger than the light.
Black Megaforce Ranger: Wrong. It keeps a single flame to keep hope alive.
Yellow Megaforce Ranger: The fire inside us will never go out!
Vrak: It's too late.
Blue Megaforce Ranger: It's never too late if we can still fight.
Pink Megaforce Ranger: And we never surrender!
Vrak: You deluded fools. The only way to stop the drills is to defeat me, and as we've seen, you're powerless. This discussion is over.

Red Megaforce Ranger: Wait, I have an idea. Let's combine our powers for a sky strike attack.
Gosei: Yes, Troy. Tap into the eclipse to increase your sky strike's power a thousandfold.
Red Megaforce Ranger: Got it, Gosei. Vrak, it's time you learned your lesson, that good always triumphs over evil.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: The Human Condition (#1.18)" (2013)
Admiral Malkor: Glad you could make it, Rangers. Finally we meet in person. I am Malkor.
Gia Moran: You don't know who you're messing with?
Jake Holling: Yeah. How do you even spell that? M-A-L- what?
Admiral Malkor: It spells Earth's doom.
Troy Burrows: All right, guys. It's Morphin' time!
Gia Moran, Jake Holling, Troy Burrows, Noah Carver, Emma Goodall: Go, go, Megaforce.

Robo Knight: Were those not fresh rhymes?
Jake Holling: No, Robo Knight, I think you definitely brought it.
Robo Knight: Good. Did you have any trouble while I studied?
Emma Goodall: Well...
Gia Moran: Just had a little battle where we got rid of the Warstar admiral.
Robo Knight: The Earth was threatened? Was it protected?
Noah Carver: Relax. It was.
Troy Burrows: This time we defended the Earth and took care of it.
Robo Knight: Excellent. That news is truly fresh.

Admiral Malkor: Now, who could that be? Surely not the Power Rangers.
Red Megaforce Ranger: Turn around and face us.
Admiral Malkor: Didn't you hear that the world is coming to its end?
Black Megaforce Ranger: No, we missed that.

Red Megaforce Ranger: No matter where you move us, we'll stand together. You may be strong, but even your super powers don't stand a chance against our ingenuity and the human will.
Admiral Malkor: Now you're trying my patience.
Red Megaforce Ranger: Haven't you heard? We're Earth's defenders. And we never surrender.

Admiral Malkor: How many times must I defeat you? A hundred? A thousand?
Red Megaforce Ranger: Keep counting. You picked the wrong planet to attack.
Admiral Malkor: Really?
Red Megaforce Ranger: You think this is just about us? This is our planet we're fighting for, our home, everyone we know, and everyone we love. We will never surrender.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Emperor Mavro (#2.18)" (2014)
Troy Burrows: Have you ever seen a rock group?
Orion: Sure. I worked in a rock quarry with different groups of rocks. We had limestone, quartz, all kinds, really. Why?
Troy Burrows: Well, this is a different kind of rock group.

Orion: That's Damaras.
Troy Burrows: Who's that?
Orion: He's the most powerful warrior in the universe.
Jake Holling: The most powerful?
Gia Moran: In the universe?
Damaras: Now you will pay for destroying Prince Vekar.
Troy Burrows: If someone attacks us, we will fight back. And we'll continue fighting until you leave our planet.
Damaras: We are here to stay.
Gia Moran: In your dreams.
Troy Burrows: Let's take him on. Power up.
Orion, Troy Burrows, Jake Holling, Gia Moran, Emma Goodall, Noah Carver: Super Megamode.

Redker: Shall we destroy him?
Troy Burrows: It doesn't matter what you do to me.
Damaras: Actually, it might.
Emperor Mavro: Maybe we should put that to a test. The Red Ranger is quite a hero on Earth. I wonder if his people would give up their world to save him.
Troy Burrows: The Rangers will come for me.
Emperor Mavro: Take him back to Earth and put him on display. Let's show the earthlings that we are in control.

Damaras: Your time is up, Red Ranger. I guess being a hero doesn't count for much on Earth.
Troy Burrows: It's never been about me. We all fight for the Earth. That fight will continue with or without me.
Damaras: Fight all you want. Look how far that's gotten you. Soon X Borgs will flood every corner of the Earth and conquer it. The Armada always gets what it wants in the end.

Noah Carver: We thought you might need a little help.
Troy Burrows: Just in time.
Damaras: Help? Ha! What a joke. All you Rangers have done is serve yourselves up to me on a silver platter for annihilation.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: A Lion's Alliance (#2.4)" (2014)
General Peluso: Ah, yes. Power Rangers. Thanks for leading us right to this secret island, it might contain something powerful and we will have it.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Be careful. What you find might come back to bite you.
General Peluso: Ha! As a general, I never failed on a single mission for the armada. This will not be an exception.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Time to break your lucky streak.

General Peluso: Surrender now. You have no chance against an army our size.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: You still don't understand humans. We'll fight any army, no matter how big. We're Earth's defenders.
Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger: We never surrender!

Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Didn't you hear the "Never surrender" part?
General Peluso: Didn't you hear the "won't survive" part?

"Power Rangers Megaforce: All Hail Prince Vekar (#2.15)" (2014)
Silver Super Megaforce Ranger: You, you're the one who destroyed my planet.
Prince Vekar: Yeah, so? What do you want, an autograph? Rangers, this planet will soon be mine. It's as simple as that. Surrender, or surrender.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: "Surrender" isn't in our vocabulary. Haven't you learned that?
Prince Vekar: Fine, have it your way. But don't say I didn't warn you. Levira. Launch the Megazord.
Levira: Yes, sire. Deploying the mighty Armada Megazord.

Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Whoa, what power.
Silver Super Megaforce Ranger: Yeah, the strength of this ultimate Megazord is enough to go toe-to-toe with the prince, and them some.
Prince Vekar: Oh, I'm scared. That thing's about to become scrap metal.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Let's shut him up.

Prince Vekar: You can't beat me. I am the all mighty Prince Vekar.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Let's finally rid of the Earth of this creep.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger, Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger, Pink Super Megaforce Ranger, Blue Super Megaforce Ranger, Green Super Megaforce Ranger, Silver Super Megaforce Ranger: Super Mega, Final Strike! Flying Fist!
[the Flying Fist strikes the Armada Megazord]
Prince Vekar: Impossible. No, no, no! This can't be happening! This was supposed to be my big moment, not yours!
[Vekar and the Armada Megazord goes down]
Red Super Megaforce Ranger, Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger, Pink Super Megaforce Ranger, Blue Super Megaforce Ranger, Green Super Megaforce Ranger, Silver Super Megaforce Ranger: Super Mega Rangers, that's a super mega win.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Mega Mission (#1.1)" (2013)
Troy Burrows: This has to be the craziest first day of school ever, but I think we're prepared to do our part.
Emma Goodall: I'm not so sure. The helmet does mess up my hair.

Troy Burrows: [looks at a display of Ranger Keys on the wall] I've seen these before in my dreams.

Troy Burrows: What is that?
Noah Carver: Wow, an old-school robot like in the movies.
Tensou: Old school?
Tensou: [zaps Noah]

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Samurai Surprise (#2.5)" (2014)
Prince Vekar: People of planet Earth, I am Prince Vekar. Consider this your eviction notice. Luckily, I'm feeling generous, so I'll give you two options: surrender or be destroyed!
Troy Burrows: Never!
Prince Vekar: How dare you interrupt me!
Jake Holling: So you're the one who's been causing all this trouble?
Gia Moran: I was expecting someone kind of different.
Prince Vekar: What's that suppose to mean?
Troy Burrows: We were expecting, say, more impressive.
Prince Vekar: How dare you!

Noah Carver: You. You're Jayden, the Red Samurai Ranger. You're, well, legendary.
Troy Burrows: I'm Troy. It's an honor to meet to you.
Jayden: I know who are you. We've been watching you. We know what you're up against, and I thought this might help you.
[Jayden gives them a samurai disc]

Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Super Megaforce, Red!
Blue Super Megaforce Ranger: Super Megaforce, Blue!
Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger: Super Megaforce, Yellow!
Green Super Megaforce Ranger: Super Megaforce, Green!
Pink Super Megaforce Ranger: Super Megaforce, Pink!
Prince Vekar: [to X Borgs and Bruisers] Super mega hurry up and destroy them already.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Spirit of the Tiger (#2.6)" (2014)
Troy Burrows: We let go of our weapons. A Ranger must never let go of his weapons. Ever.

Pacha Chamak: Now I have the upper hand. My fists will flatten you for sure.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Sounds like someone's ego has grown with his size.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: The Human Factor (#1.15)" (2013)
Robo Knight: Hello, Rangers.
Troy Burrows: Robo Knight, we wanted to thank you for your help today. We're glad you chose to stay on our side.
Robo Knight: I am on the side of Earth. You are an inseparable part of this planet, and you are at your best when things are at their worst.
Jake Holling: Thank you for seeing it that way.
Noah Carver: Of course he would. It is only logical.
Troy Burrows: You've truly become the sixth Ranger.

Pink Megaforce Ranger: It's not about luck. It's about protecting the Earth.
Yellow Megaforce Ranger: It's our duty to protect this planet from creeps like you!
Rotox: Rubbish!
Blue Megaforce Ranger: We believe in our mission, and that belief is what makes us strong.
Black Megaforce Ranger: Strong enough to send your tin butt to the recycling bin.
Red Megaforce Ranger: When you plot against the Earth or its people, you have to deal with us. The Power Rangers!

"Power Rangers Megaforce: The Perfect Storm (#2.10)" (2014)
Emma Goodall: What are you doing?
Jake Holling: Looking for a tag or a label or something. Maybe it'll give us a clue or something.
Troy Burrows: Wait. What if we open it? Maybe there's some info on the guy inside, like i.d. or something.
Jake Holling: What if there's $1 million dollars inside?
Emma Goodall: No! It doesn't belong to us. We can't just look into someone's case without their permission.
Jake Holling: Yeah, you're right.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Man and Machine (#1.10)" (2013)
Robo Knight: You mean you will risk yourselves so I can attack him?
Troy Burrows: Yes.
Robo Knight: It is illogical for you to take such a risk. We will work together but separately, and I will surely beat the monster
Troy Burrows: It's a good plan, Robo Knight
Robo Knight: I'm a machine. I do not plan. I attack. You think like a human. You take risks. Too much risks. I will defeat him alone.
Troy Burrows: Well, think about it. We'll see you on the battlefield.
Robo Knight: That you will.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Super Megaforce (#2.1)" (2014)
Gosei: It is finally time for you to tap into the infinite power that lines the walls of this command center. These will be your new morphers. With these and your new Ranger keys, you will be able to unlock your Super Megaforce mode.
Troy Burrows: A mode... even stronger than ultra mode? Incredible.
Gosei: That's not all. The figures that line this command center are actually keys to unlocking extraordinary new powers. By using them in your new morphers, you will again access to Legendary mode where you can tap into the special powers of all the Rangers that preceded you. But it will challenge your strength every time you morph into a legendary Power Ranger.
Noah Carver: Nothing we ever do is easy, but we'll take the challenge.
Emma Goodall: Wow. We can use all these powers?
Gia Moran: The aliens are in for a big surprise.
Jake Holling: Um... Am I the only one who notices my that key is the wrong color?
Gosei: Jake, there's a simple explanation for that...

"Power Rangers Megaforce: United as One (#2.12)" (2014)
Orion: Guys, is this really okay?
Troy Burrows: It's fine, Orion.
Gia Moran: Just make sure Emma looks happy.
Orion: Okay, how do I do that?
Gia Moran: Just give her a kiss.
Orion: What? Gia.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Silver Lining, Part 1 (#2.7)" (2014)
Mr. Burley: Not long ago, the fate of of our entire world was complete uncertain, and yet despite the monumental adversity we faced, we managed to return to a relatively normal routine.
Student: Yeah, thanks to the Power Rangers.
Troy Burrows: No. The Power Rangers played their part, but when it came to rebuilding the school, who did that? Everyone here.
Gia Moran: Yeah.
Troy Burrows: When it came to rebuilding the rest of the city, who did that? Ordinary people just like you guys. Even if there were no Power Rangers, we would have made a stand, right down to the last man.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Earth Fights Back (#2.2)" (2014)
Cybax: This isn't over. You're going to pay for this.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Oh, really? Well, no price is too steep when it comes to protecting Earth. We're willing to give everything we've got.
Cybax: Well, when we want something, we just take it.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Not this time, monster.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Love Is in the Air (#2.11)" (2014)
Noah Carver: How could this monster be into Jake?
Gia Moran: You think that she-monster loves Jake?
Emma Goodall: That's my guess.
Troy Burrows: Yeah, and the he-monster loves her.
Noah Carver: An alien-human love triangle? Gross. Now, that's one for the books.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: The Messenger (#1.19)" (2013)
Metal Alice: Master, it is your moment of vengeance and glory. I await your command.
The Messenger: Allow me to fight them for you.
Red Megaforce Ranger: Who's this guy?
Metal Alice: Tell them.
The Messenger: I am a small preview of what's to come.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Silver Lining, Part 2 (#2.8)" (2014)
Troy Burrows: [to Orion] I think it's time we took you to our leader.
Jake Holling: [laughs] That's a classic alien movie line.
Gia Moran: Jake.
Jake Holling: It is. I've seen that in I don't know how many movies. It's just a joke.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: In the Driver's Seat (#2.14)" (2014)
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: Nice try, Professor Cog, but even sending us to another dimension isn't enough to stop us.
Professor Cog: But how did you ever escape?
Prince Vekar: It's about time you showed up. You know how much work it is fighting these guys? Now take them down for me.
Red Super Megaforce Ranger: I can get behind that plan.
Green Super Megaforce Ranger: And as a bonus, we'll take you down too.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Raising Spirits (#1.21)" (2013)
Troy Burrows: Come on. It is Halloween. Let's have some spooky fun.
Jake Holling: That's the spirit. Ha-ha, get it? Spirit?

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Robo Knight (#1.8)" (2013)
Gosei: Just like your Zords, Robo Knight comes from the Earth. I created him centuries ago with the sole mission to protect the Earth's environment. As the guardian of this planet, I knew some day that the Earth might need a powerful protector like Robo Knight. I instilled in this super robot all the admirable qualities a knight should possess. Sharp reflexes, the fearlessness of a lion, and an unwavering commitment to his mission to protect nature. Now the Earth itself has awakened him and called him to action. He will be invaluable to our fight to save this planet from an alien threat.
Troy Burrows: So he is on our side?
Gosei: Yes. But after such a long hibernation, it appears he has lost some of his memory. Robo Knight's computer brain clearly doesn't recall that I created him or that you are his allies.
Noah Carver: Can you fix him?
Gosei: Robo Knight is a highly complex artificially intelligent machine. He needs to relearn that his mission and yours are the same. Teaching him that will be tricky, but it is up to you to win him over as an ally. That is your challenge.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Last Laugh (#1.12)" (2013)
Nojoke: Uh, this doesn't look good. But luckily, I've saved the best for last.
Red Megaforce Ranger: What?
Nojoke: [farts]
Red Megaforce Ranger: [laughs] I can't help myself! Oh, God. Oh, God. Guys!
Blue Megaforce Ranger: Troy!
Robo Knight: No, stop!
Red Megaforce Ranger: [continues laughing] I really can't stop.
Nojoke: Ha! Fart jokes never fail. Bingo!

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Staying on Track (#1.17)" (2013)
Gia Moran: I think Robo Knight might be a little bit human under all that metal after all.
Robo Knight: There is still much to learn about humans. I have many questions.
Jake Holling: Oh, yeah? Fire away. It's okay. Shoot.
Noah Carver: Jake, I think you might want to remember...
[Robo Knight draws for his Vulcan Cannon]
Troy Burrows: I think we still have a lot to learn.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultra Power (#1.11)" (2013)
Vrak: What is this? Why didn't the Wild Swords give its power to me?
Red Megaforce Ranger: Simple: Because you want to destroy the Earth, not protect it! Storm power! Ultra Megaforce Red!
Pink Megaforce Ranger: Wind power! Ultra Megaforce Pink!
Black Megaforce Ranger: Rock power! Ultra Megaforce Black!
Yellow Megaforce Ranger: Jungle power! Ultra Megaforce Yellow!
Blue Megaforce Ranger: Rain power! Ultra Megaforce Blue!
Red Megaforce Ranger, Pink Megaforce Ranger, Black Megaforce Ranger, Yellow Megaforce Ranger, Blue Megaforce Ranger: Earth defenders never surrender!
Vrak: What?
Red Megaforce Ranger, Pink Megaforce Ranger, Black Megaforce Ranger, Yellow Megaforce Ranger, Blue Megaforce Ranger: Megaforce Ultra mode!