Wallace Boden
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Wallace Boden (Character)
from "Chicago Fire" (2012)

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"Chicago Fire: Rear View Mirror (#1.6)" (2012)
Chief Wallace Boden: [Sees Hank Voight arriving in his police car] Kelly!
[Nods his head to Casey]
Chief Wallace Boden: [to Voight] You've no reason to be here.
Hank Voight: I'm collecting gang intel, chief. Big blue tag like that, gotta make sure doesn't spark a turf war.
Chief Wallace Boden: [Points to the graffiti] Seen it. Now leave.
Hank Voight: You might want to take a step back there, I don't want to charge you, or one of your men, with interfering with police investigation.
Chief Wallace Boden: Yeah.
[to his crew]
Chief Wallace Boden: Pack it up! We're outta here.
[They all start to walk away]
Hank Voight: Oh hey! Casey! You've got your deposition tomorrow...
Kelly Severide: [Patting Casey on the back to get him moving] Come on, let's go.
Hank Voight: ...Is that cute little fiancée of yours going to be there too? I've gotta tell you, the other night when we were talking, she seemed kinda - I don't know - shut down, but by the end she really started to open up.
Matthew Casey: [He rushes towards Voight but Severide, Hermann and Otis hold him back] Your day is coming... Your day is coming Voight!

Matthew Casey: [Checking his phone, almost getting run over. Shouts at the driver] Hey! What was that? Huh? No, you've got to wait. Roger that? Go on.
Chief Wallace Boden: Casey. Your shift is over.
Matthew Casey: Oh, come on chief!
Chief Wallace Boden: No no no go home. Head for the house, whatever you want, but you are done for today.

Kelly Severide: [Sees Truck coming in, no Casey] Where's Casey?
[Hermann shrugs]
Kelly Severide: [Goes to see Chief] Chief...
Chief Wallace Boden: I am not taking anymore chances.
Kelly Severide: He's doing the right thing, and he's getting his ass kicked for it.
Chief Wallace Boden: You don't think I know that?
Kelly Severide: He needs to be here, where we can keep an eye on him.
Chief Wallace Boden: Kelly, I've tried that already.
Kelly Severide: So he's better off out there? By himself, pissed off, not thinking straight...
Chief Wallace Boden: This is a *Fire House*. Any man who walks through that door, he gotta be ready, if he isn't he's going to be walking in the other direction.
Chief Wallace Boden: Because I am a chief first, and I am a friend second. Casey's just going to have to find his own way from now on.

"Chicago Fire: A Coffin That Small (#1.19)" (2013)
Kelly Severide: You know what the worst part is?
Matthew Casey: What is the worst part, Kelly?
Kelly Severide: You don't have enough sack, to admit you're sleeping with Heather. At least come clean.
Matthew Casey: Keep walking. I'm done explaining myself.
Kelly Severide: You haven't explained a damn thing, that's the point!
Matthew Casey: *Cos you're wrong!* Don't come up on me again like this.
Kelly Severide: Really?
Chief Wallace Boden: What the hell is going on here?
Chief Wallace Boden: My office. *Now*.

Chief Wallace Boden: We've been here before. It almost tore this House apart.
Kelly Severide: This time it's different.
Chief Wallace Boden: Tell me about it.
Kelly Severide: Yeah Casey, tell him about it.
Matthew Casey: [Gapes at Severide, then turns to look at the Chief] No offence, Chief.
[Walks out]

"Chicago Fire: Pilot (#1.1)" (2012)
Chief Wallace Boden: [Walks Casey into his office, where Severide is waiting, then sits down] This animosity, it's gotta stop. You're both supposed to be leaders here, you lead by example. We've all been through it. Andy was a friend to all of us.
Kelly Severide: [Glares at Casey] Yeah he was.
Matthew Casey: Is there something you want to say?
Chief Wallace Boden: See this? This right here. This is exactly what I'm talking about.
Kelly Severide: [With a smirk] You're right chief. I'm sorry, it's all good.
Matthew Casey: [after glancing at Severide for a second] We're fine chief.
Chief Wallace Boden: [Clearly not believing them] Then that's enough for now.

"Chicago Fire: It Ain't Easy (#1.9)" (2012)
Kelly Severide: [Sees Ernie at the scene of another fire] Hey! Hey, did you torch this place? Huh, you little tweaker?
Ernie: I'm watching it!
Kelly Severide: You're watching it? Did you do it? Huh?
Chief Wallace Boden: Kelly! Enough!
[Ernie cycles away]
Kelly Severide: That's *two* fires, *two* dumpsters, same kid!
Chief Wallace Boden: Walk it off, Kelly. *I* am handling this.
Kelly Severide: Why don't you invite him back for apple pie? Keep him close, that's the plan right?