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Quotes for
Naomi (Character)
from "Supernatural" (2005)

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"Supernatural: Goodbye Stranger (#8.17)" (2013)
Dean Winchester: [Cas, being controlled by Naomi, is beating the crap out of Dean so he can take the Angel tablet. He's forced Dean to his knees, broken and/or dislocated Dean's arm and is holding it while punching him repeatedly. Cas looks down at the tablet] You want it? Take it! But, you're gonna hafta kill me first. C'mon, you coward. Do it. Do it!
[Cas punches him more as we cut to Heaven with Naomi]
Castiel: *Please*
Naomi: *End* this, Castiel.
[Cut back to the crypt where Cas hits Dean again]
Dean Winchester: Cas... this isn't you. This isn't you!
[Cas keeps throwing punches as we cut to Heaven]
Naomi: Bring. Me. The. Tablet.
[Cut back to the crypt. Cas throws yet another punch]
Dean Winchester: Ahh!
[weak and bloodied, looking up at Cas, holding up his uninjured arm beseechingly]
Dean Winchester: Cas... Cas... I know you're in there. I know you can hear me. Cas. It's me.
[weaker, but not giving up]
Dean Winchester: We're family... We *need* you. *I* need you.
[Cut to Heaven]
Naomi: You have to choose, Castiel. Us. Or them.
[Cut to the crypt]
Dean Winchester: Cas...
[Cas drops his Angle blade and lets Dean's broken arm go. Dean almost collapses and grabs his broken right arm]
Dean Winchester: Ahhhh! Ah...
[Cas picks up the tablet. A blinding light shines and Cas is no longer in Heaven as Naomi's control over him is broken]
Naomi: Castiel! Castiel!
Dean Winchester: [Cas looks from the tablet in his hands to Dean, kneeling at his feet and barely conscious. He reaches for Dean] Cas... no...
[Cas reaches for his face]
Dean Winchester: Cas... Cas...?
[Dean tries to stop Cas with his other arm, but Cas places his hand on the side of Dean's face]
Dean Winchester: Ah-ahhh.
[And heals him]

"Supernatural: Taxi Driver (#8.19)" (2013)
Naomi: Let me see if I've interrupted the situation correctly. The Winchesters have freed an innocent from hell, to which you are wrongfully are trying to return.
Crowley: Siding with them, Naomi? You don't know those two. Before they're done, we'll both be locked away.
Naomi: I'm just hoping they lock you away, dear. The rest I'll figure out.
Crowley: Bureaucrat. You're fighting outside your weight class.
Naomi: Don't call me a bureaucrat.

"Supernatural: The Great Escapist (#8.21)" (2013)
Naomi: Where is the angel tablet, Castiel?
Castiel: In the words of a... good friend, bite me.
Naomi: Oh, we'll bite. Don't worry.

"Supernatural: Sacrifice (#8.23)" (2013)
Metatron: [wakes up with blurry vision of someone] I know you.
Naomi: We never officially met.
Metatron: [chuckles] Naomi.
Metatron: [he looks to the tray of instruments] Your reputation precedes you. The archangels...
Naomi: [finishing] wanted me to debrief you after God left.
Metatron: [chuckles] "Debrief" me. Is that what you call it?
Naomi: Well, how would you know? You ran before I had the chance. But... here we are. I just have one question before we begin: you had to know that we would *leap* at the chance to extract all of God's secrets from that head of yours, which is why I ask myself, "Why? Why did the Scribe suddenly come in from the shadows?" And what are you doing with Castiel?
Metatron: [pause] "Of the blessings set before you, make your choice and be content."
[Naomi looks askance]
Metatron: [contemptuous] Not a big reader, are we.
[Naomi activates the drill and menaces Metatron's eye with it]