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Meredith (Character)
from "Castle" (2009)

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"Castle: Significant Others (#5.10)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: [Walking into the apartment with Meredith after going out to dinner] My God, Meredith. Castle did that? I can't believe that you married him.
Richard Castle: What can't you believe? What- no. What? Uh, no. C'mon. Beckett, there's two sides to that story. That... What did you... What story- What did you tell her?
Meredith: The truth, Richard.
Kate Beckett: Castle, you're not the man that I thought I knew.
Richard Castle: I'm the man you thought you knew. I'm the man you know. I thought you- I'm that- You think- I know you- I'm him.
[When the ladies start laughing, he turns to his mother]
Richard Castle: This is so not cool.

Meredith: Are you sure it's okay that I'm going to Paree without you?
Alexis Castle: Just because I'm sick, you shouldn't miss it. I want you to go.
Martha Rodgers: We all do.
Richard Castle: What's going on?
Alexis Castle: I just feel so guilty that mom's missing her vacation because I'm sick, so I told her to enjoy Paris for the both of us.
Richard Castle: Are you sure, Alexis? I mean, your mother...
[behind Alexis and Meredith, Martha gestures for him to play along]
Richard Castle: ...should... enjoy her vacation. Have a safe trip, Meredith.

Kate Beckett: Why didn't it work out between you and Rick? I'm sorry, is that too personal?
Meredith: Oh, no. No, no, no. It's fine. You know, being married to Richard was... great. Full of romance and excitement, like a deliciously sweet soufflé. And then one day, I realized he knew everything about me. My deepest secrets, my worst pain; enough to fill a million novels. But I didn't know enough about him to even write a pamphlet.
Kate Beckett: I don't understand.
Meredith: For instance, whenever I asked him about how he felt about never knowing his father, he would smirk; you know the way he smirks, and then he would throw out a quip and change the subject. Our marriage went one way, and that wasn't enough for me. I mean, soufflés are wonderful, but sooner or later, they always fall.
[Meredith's comment strikes a chord with Beckett]
Meredith: Oh, but that was a long, long time ago. What, fifteen years in fact. He's a totally different man now.

Richard Castle: What are you doing here?
Meredith: [sympathetically] Alexis, oh, my poor baby.
Alexis Castle: Aren't you supposed to be in Paris?
Meredith: Not without my daughter. And since you can't go to Paree, I'm bringing Paree to you. French pastries and "Funny Face". We can enjoy them as I nurse you back to health.
Richard Castle: Meredith, how... why... why so much luggage?
[Meredith gives him a coy smile and realization dawns on him]
Richard Castle: Oh.

Kate Beckett: [teasing Castle with Meredith] Oh, you're right. He does lean to the left.
Meredith: Told you. Only when he's stressed.
Kate Beckett: I've never even noticed that before.

"Castle: Always Buy Retail (#1.6)" (2009)
Meredith: [after Castle and his ex-wife have sex] We have had fun, haven't we?
Richard Castle: Oh, yeah.
Meredith: Makes you wonder why we ever got divorced.
Richard Castle: I know, right? I mean, except for you having an affair with your director and moving to Malibu and serving me with divorce papers, I think we really had a chance.
Meredith: I'm moving back.
Richard Castle: [Castle drops the fun and looks stunned] Back to New York?
Meredith: [She's bouncing with happiness] I miss it. I miss it, I miss Alexis, I miss you.
Richard Castle: [Unsuccessfully trying to hide an unhappy expression] Um. What about your career?
Meredith: Oh, L.A.'s changed. The juicy roles just aren't there for an actress of my caliber. I need a change. Like Broadway, maybe. The legitimate stage!
Richard Castle: Yeah, well, oh-oh-oh, wow, time out, hey. Wait a minute. For what? Have you really thought this through?
Meredith: [Grinning lasciviously] What's to think about? You, me, Alexis, all living in the same city? It's gonna be just like old times.
[She moves in to kiss him and, over her shoulder, the camera captures his look of horror]