Jack Taylor
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Jack Taylor (Character)
from Jack Taylor: The Guards (2010) (TV)

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Jack Taylor: The Guards (2010) (TV)
Father Malachy: You still drinking?
Jack Taylor: You're still smoking.
Father Malachy: Me and Bette Davis.
Jack Taylor: She's dead.
Father Malachy: My point exactly.

Father Malachy: [meeting Jack at a road intersection] Ah, Jack! Great news, I gave up smoking.
Jack Taylor: And I gave up drinking.
[they move along in opposite directions, Father Malachy takes another pull at his cigarette]

Passerby: Ah Jack, I know your father; Paddy, Paddy Taylor, man of subtlety and taste, is he not?
Jack Taylor: He had his moments.
Passerby: One deduces, from the use of the past tense, that he is no longer with us.
Passerby: Or worse, in England.

Jack Taylor: How come, no matter how long since you've seen the family, nor how much distance you've put between you, they can always push your buttons? Answer: because they installed them.

Jack Taylor: My father used to say: "Your mother means well". She didn't. Not then. Not ever.

Jack Taylor: The Magdalen Martyrs (2011) (TV)
Bill Cassell: I want that diary, Jack.
Jack Taylor: Over my dead body.
[Cassell's henchman Casey produces a large revolver and hands it to Cassell]
Jack Taylor: I meant that metaphorically. Sorry, Casey, big word.

Cody Farraher: How is she? Your mam, I mean.
Jack Taylor: Doing jigs and reels. She's had a stroke, how do you think she is?
Cody Farraher: You want to talk about it?
Jack Taylor: I'm an Irish male. I've got one coping mechanism: repression.

Jack Taylor: The Pikemen (2011) (TV)
Jack Taylor: Let me be really clear so I don't have to repeat myself: I don't need a partner. And even if I did I would pick someone whose balls had actually dropped.
Cody Farraher: Meaning, you'd like to think about it?
Jack Taylor: Meaning, I want you to fuck off and never show your face again.

Ted Buckley: [Places glass of clear liquid in front of Jack] Local poteen. Tears away the cobwebs. Leaves you clean and pure.
Jack Taylor: Sounds like a drain cleaner.
Ted Buckley: That's what we do. Clear the dirt from the drains.
Jack Taylor: Vigilante plumbers, eh?