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Kyle (Character)
from Brainscan (1994)

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Brainscan (1994)
[Michael see's Kyle for the first time after thinking he murdered him in the game]
Kyle: Yo, dick flick! I have been... I have been ringing your doorbell, I have been calling you for an hour! There is a party next door!
Michael: Kyle!
Kyle: No, it's Axl Rose!

[Michael gives Kyle a close hug]
Kyle: [Kyle checks down on his necklace] Calm down, man! You're gonna kill yourself on my lucky charms, man. They're magically delicious. Hahaha!

[Kyle hits on Stacie at the house party]
Kyle: That outfit's totally bitchin'.
Stacie: You think so?
Kyle: [Kyle chuckles] I know so. You look just like that girl in that video by what's-his-name. Only better.

[Kyle calls to talk to Michael]
Michael: [Michael answers his phone through his computer] Talk to me.
Igor: [Michael's computer Igor replies] Kyle is calling, Master.
Kyle: [Michael's best friend begins talking] Hello. I know you're there, dude!

[Michael talks to Kyle on the phone about the ad for the new game Brainscan]
Kyle: Hey, sausage dick. Man, listen up! 'Brainscan. The ultimate experience in interactive terror. Brainscan is not for the squeamish!'
Michael: Well, Kyle, what's the problem, man?
Kyle: This one will scare the hell out of ya. Here, here, here! It's hot new stuff. Brainscan! Um, here it is. Here it is. 'Choose from Chain Saw Dismemberment, Nightmare Eight... Da, da. Da, da... Satisfy your sickest fantasies.' Far out, man!
Michael: It's just an ad, birdbrain. It's just hype. Remember 'Gore Beasts'? Trash.
Kyle: Dude, it's interactive CD-ROM. Here. You gotta look at the ad at least. It's in Fangoria. You know, the one with the popping eyeballs on the cover. All right, where is it. Here. Here. Um. 'We dare you to participate in the most frightening experience available on this planet. State of the art. Run amuck. Unleash the dark side of your soul. Enter a game that feels more real than reality.'
Kyle: [Kyle laughs as Michael starts to watch his neighbor Kimberly from his upstairs window] It's interactive, dude! You're in the game, man. You're in control. Say no more, man. I can't even believe that I'm sitting here telling you about this game. Don't you subscribe to Fangoria? It's in the one with the bulging eyeballs...
Kyle: [Kyle yells for Michael after a minute goes by] Dude? Hello? Michael. Hello! How's Kimberly lookin' tonight?
Michael: What do you mean?
Kyle: [Kyle laughs] You watchin' her again? Can you see her tits, man? Talk to me, man.

[Kyle asks Michael their best friends bro line]
Kyle: Buddies, forever?
Michael: Buddies, forever.

[Michael and Kyle watch a horror movie with the rest of their Horror Club class]
Michael: This is really disappointing, Kyle.
Kyle: Dude, man, it's not that bad. When does he eat her gallbladder?

[Kyle visits Michael at his home]
Kyle: Hey, did ya hear about the murder?
Michael: Yeah, I did.
Kyle: Yeah, that's pretty cool ya know havin' a murder in our neighborhood and everything.
Michael: Kyle, a guy just died, and you think that's cool?
Kyle: No, I don't mean cool, but it's interesting.