Uncle Sweetheart
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Uncle Sweetheart (Character)
from Masked and Anonymous (2003)

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Masked and Anonymous (2003)
Uncle Sweetheart: [to Jack Fate] You look good. You got the "jail pale". It suits you.

Uncle Sweetheart: As long as I keep talking, I know I'm still alive.

Uncle Sweetheart: I'm only human.
Jack Fate: I know, it ain't easy being human.

Uncle Sweetheart: It's a bitched up world Jack, the only way to protect ourselves is by goin' mad.

Uncle Sweetheart: Who's talking to you?
Bobby Cupid: Common sense! The voices in my head. I mean screw this so-called concert, Jack. Let's disappear for a while, let's go to the South Seas, let's go where Gauguin went and just...
Uncle Sweetheart: [grabs Bobby] I don't know which one of these voice is coming out of your head, but tell it to shut the fuck up! And Gauguin was a stockbroker.