Domini Enfilden
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Domini Enfilden (Character)
from The Garden of Allah (1936)

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The Garden of Allah (1936)
Domini Enfilden: What an extraordinary man. Is he mad?
Batouch: Yes, he's undoubtedly English.

Domini Enfilden: The sand is so warm, so alive.

Batouch: In the desert one forgets everything, even the heart one loves and the desires of one's own soul.
Domini Enfilden: Oh, you're a poet?
Batouch: Oh, how pretty, Madame understands me. Yes, Madame. Sometimes I'm dizzy with the beauty of my own thoughts.
Domini Enfilden: Perhaps, the sun has something to do with it.
Batouch: Oh, this sun is nothing. Wait 'til Madame gets beyond the mountains and into the gates of the Sahara. There the sun blazes.
Domini Enfilden: Let it blaze.

Batouch: If only I could teach you English. Its the only language low enough to describe you. Hadj... I want to go home. I hate the desert...
Hadj: I want go home. I hate desert.
Batouch: Allah be praised. At last.
[Runs to Domini]
Batouch: Madame, Madame,
Domini Enfilden: Yes, Batouch.
Batouch: Madame, Everyday we go further and further into the desolation. And, I, but, please don't think that I complain, Madame. But, its Hadj here and all the others. They're all complaining. They all want to go back. Ask him for yourself, Madame. So great is his yearning, he's even learned English, that he may tell you...
Hadj: I want desert. I hate home.
[Camel cries out]
Batouch: [to Hadj] Go give your brother some hay. He's crying.
[Runs after Domini who's walking away]
Batouch: Madame. Madame. Madame.
Domini Enfilden: You better give him another English lesson, Batouch.
Batouch: Yes, Madame. Oh, cursed is the man with relatives. Do you have them in Europe too?
Domini Enfilden: We'll discuss that another time, Batouch.
Batouch: Yes, Madame.

Domini Enfilden: We'll be very happy if you join us for dinner.
Capt. De Trevignac: With pleasure, Madame. Of course I realize that all this is happening, but, I can't quite believe it. And so short a time ago, we hadn't even - water, to drink.
Domini Enfilden: And now you shall have - champagne. We'll be waiting for you.
Capt. De Trevignac: Champagne!