Detective Giovanni A. Malloy
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Detective Giovanni A. Malloy (Character)
from In the Cut (2003)

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In the Cut (2003)
Detective Malloy: [to Frannie] You know what your problem is? You're fucking exhausting. Fuck this, you know, I was doing just fine before I met you, just fine.

Detective Malloy: I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.

Detective Malloy: When you touch a woman and her clit's like that you know she knows about sex like you.

Detective Malloy: When did you start liking white women?
Detective Ritchie Rodriguez: About the same time as you.

Detective Malloy: Some women give terrible blowjobs. No rhythm at all. No sense of cock whatsoever.

Detective Ritchie Rodriguez: [to Frannie] Do you know what an isthmus is?
Detective Malloy: Isthmus be my lucky fuckin' day.

Frannie: I was at the Red Turtle with one of my students.
Detective Ritchie Rodriguez: One of your students?
Frannie: Cornelius Webb, but it was early, three-thirty. I was there for a short time, then I went home.
Detective Malloy: Cornelius Webb. Is that with two B's or not two B's?