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Quotes for
Vince Grimaldi (Character)
from Serial Killing 4 Dummys (2004)

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Serial Killing 4 Dummys (2004)
Casey Noland: [prepares his saw blade and holds it ready to throw]
Vince Grimaldi: And what do intend to do with that? Scratch me to death? Huh?
Casey Noland: [pauses, shifting from foot to foot]
Vince Grimaldi: You can't throw it... You throw like a fucking girl!
Casey Noland: [pauses, they both stare at one another]
Casey Noland: Not anymore.
[throws saw blade like a Frisbee, lodging it in Grimaldi's forehead]
Casey Noland: I had a damn fine gymnasium class coach.

Vince Grimaldi: I'm the one who's healthy, it's the rest of society that's dieseased. Look at these girls in gym class, with their breasts bulging out, and tight little shorts on. There just going to grow up to be whores, and sluts, and real estate agents.
Casey Noland: You've been rejected by girls your whole life. What teenage girl wants to be with some lame ass gym coach?
Vince Grimaldi: First of all, Fuck You. Second of all, this conversation is over, 'cause I'm going to kill you now. Turn you into a piece of furniture.
[Casey grabs his power sander, turns it on and grins victoriously. The batteries die only seconds later, wiping the grin off his face. He looks at it in disbelief]
Vince Grimaldi: You are so pathetic. You bring a power tool to kill your gym teacher, and you don't get good batteries.

Casey Noland: I have to meet with the school psychiatrist.
Vince Grimaldi: Ms. Lindon? What in the hell for?
Casey Noland: Well, they say that I don't have enough direction in my life.
Vince Grimaldi: Casey... What you need in your life is more disicplne, I think you know that. The kind of discipline that can only be found here in gymnasium class. Casey, if you allow this class to be something in your life, it can be a warm, nurturing embracing nest, like chickens have in a hen house. Know what I mean?
Casey Noland: [Confused] I'm gonna go. I'm gonna be late for Ms. Lindon.
Vince Grimaldi: Another thing, if I find out it was you that put those bumper stickers on my van, I'm gonna squash your nuts into oblivion. And tell those boys from Home Economics to stop calling my house.

Mr. Korn: Now Vince, did you get rid of those raccons like I asked ya too?
Vince Grimaldi: But Mr Korn! They're so cute!
Mr. Korn: Aw Vinnie!

Vince Grimaldi: Pull up your pants, you're talkin' out your ass!

Casey Noland: Can't you give me a break?
Vince Grimaldi: Give you a break? Give you a break? Son, I never got any breaks in life, raised in Alabama! Twelve years in the military, I never got any breaks! '64 Chevy pickup, no brakes!

[to Sasha, who is about to be killed by a circular saw]
Vince Grimaldi: Take care now.