Tyreese Williams
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Tyreese Williams (Character)
from "The Walking Dead" (2010)

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"The Walking Dead: Internment (#4.5)" (2013)
Tyreese Williams: How's Glenn doing?
Hershel Greene: He made it through the night. He's breathing on his own now. Maggie and Bob are with him. He seems stable enough for me to get some air.
Daryl Dixon: He's a tough son of a bitch.
Hershel Greene: He is.
Daryl Dixon: You're a tough son of a bitch.
Hershel Greene: I am.

"The Walking Dead: The Suicide King (#3.9)" (2013)
Tyreese Williams: I must be the first brother in history to break into prison.
Axel: [chuckles] Makes me the first white boy that didn't want to break out.

"The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary (#5.1)" (2014)
Tyreese Williams: [as Carol is leaving for Terminus] How are you going to do this?
Carol Peletier: I'm going to kill people.