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Verna Thornton (Character)
from "Scandal" (2012)

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"Scandal: Blown Away (#2.9)" (2012)
Verna Thornton: [sitting in her hospital bed] You're gonna be President for about the next 15 minutes and then your time will be done, and I will be still be on the bench. If I have to rule from the confines of an iron lung, I will be on the bench!
Sally Langston: The seat your butt is filling on the Supreme Court belongs to me to fill as I see fit. It was promised to me during the campaign. It is mine, and I mean to have it, and for someone other than a left-wing, baby-killing, homosexual loving, godless creature such as yourself. I want it now, and you will give it to me, because if you don't, I will leak to one of your liberal media papers that you have terminal cancer - that you had terminal cancer during the confirmation hearings, that you lied by omission about having terminal cancer to the American people, that the drugs coursing through your system, including the medical marijuana pills you take at night may possibly have clouded your judicial judgment. I will call into question every decision you have ever made from the bench of the highest court in the land. I will disgrace you in the eyes of your peers and in the annals of history. I will ruin what little time you have left on this earth, and I will be right to do so, because it is the God's honest truth.
[standing up]
Sally Langston: Step down from the bench, Verna. I'm asking you nicely.

Verna Thornton: [taunting Sally with an envelope in each hand] I could give you my letter of resignation, or I could give you the name of the man who tried to kill the President. The most wanted man in the world, your Osama Bin Laden. One pill makes you larger. One pill makes you small.

"Scandal: All Roads Lead to Fitz (#2.5)" (2012)
[first lines]
Mellie Grant: I can't be here. I shouldn't be here. I am out of the White House. The press could see me. I am risking everything. Everything.
Olivia Pope: We are all risking everything.
Verna Thornton: Would you rather we met inside the White House? Does that feel less like a felony to you?
Olivia Pope: Secret service is outside that door. Please do not shout the word "felony" in this room.

Verna Thornton: Oh, crap. I can't bend over to put my damned shoes on. Stuff like this, like what we did... It never really goes away, does it? It's just one big, bloody hospital gown.
Olivia Pope: [bending down to her shoes] I prefer to think that anything can be fixed.
Verna Thornton: Then you're a fool.

"Scandal: Nobody Likes Babies (#2.13)" (2013)
Olivia Pope: This isn't about saving America. This is about saving your legacy. Killing Fitz means you never have to admit what you did. It means for the rest of eternity, whenever someone utters your name, it's with respect and honor.
Verna Thornton: So turn me in. Go ahead. If you're such a pillar of courage, march over to justice and tell them I shot the president. Tell them about the election rigging. Tell them about everything. Do it! Except you can't, can you? Because, just like me, you know confessing does more harm than good.

"Scandal: Beltway Unbuckled (#2.4)" (2012)
Verna Thornton: Don't you have somewhere you have to be?
Olivia Pope: No. I have some time. I'm serious.
Verna Thornton: Aren't you supposed to be fixing someone or saving someone right now? Why isn't that phone of yours ringing or buzzing or dinging or whatever it is blueberries do?

"Scandal: A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar (#2.11)" (2013)
President Fitzgerald Grant: [rejecting his dad advice in front of everyone] I'm just wondering if it's from his vast experience running for President. Oh wait, you never ran, did ya? 'Cause men who get caught sleeping with prostitutes don't get to be leader of the free world. Right?
Verna Thornton: Who wants coffee?
President Fitzgerald Grant: What was her name? Charity? No, it was Hope. Hard to forget that name. You really kept hope alive, didn't you, dad?
Cyrus Beene: Fitz...
President Fitzgerald Grant: No, Hope is alive. Mom's dead, though.