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Mr. Peterson (Character)
from "The Proud Family" (2001)

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"The Proud Family: A Hero for Halloween (#2.2)" (2002)
Mr. Peterson: Hello, Mr. Proud, do you remember me, Alvin Peterson?
Oscar Proud: Of course, I remember you Peterson. I'll never forget my favorite all day sucker. ha ha. I negotiated you down to nothing, when I bought this house.
Mr. Peterson: Mm hmm, well I see you've done nothing to since you bought it.
Oscar Proud: Look, why are you here Peterson?
Mr. Peterson: Ugh, I feel bad about the deal I made with you.
Oscar Proud: Ah ah hey, I'm not giving you any more money, Peterson. I think $500 was more then a fair price for house.
Mr. Peterson: No no no no, I come to warn you. Your house is haunted.
Oscar Proud: Yeah I know, everyday by my mama.
Mr. Peterson: No no, Mr. Proud, your house will be visited tonight by the ghost of Garret Krebs.
Oscar Proud: It's Halloween, I hope see a lot of ghost, goblins, and crazy former home owners. Here, have a proud scary snack.
Mr. Peterson: I'm serious
[pops a snack into his mouth and then spits out]
Mr. Peterson: Man these are nasty, how do you make any money anyway? ugh listen, this was once owned to Garrett Krebs, but 30 years ago on Halloween, Krebs' house was reposed. He was so broken hearted he died, the same day. But he swore that every 10 years, he would come back and scared away the family that dared to live in this house. Why did you think I sold the house so cheaply to you 10 years ago?
Oscar Proud: Ahem, because I'm a savvy negotiator?
Mr. Peterson: No you boob, it's because Garrett scared me out, I felt bad about not telling about the ghost when I sold you the house, so now you know. If I were you Mr. Proud, I pack up my family and skedaddle-addle.
Oscar Proud: If I were you Peterson I get my nose checked.
Mr. Peterson: Why do I need to get my no...
[Oscar slams the door in Peterson face]
Mr. Peterson: YE-OW!
Oscar Proud: THAT'S WHY.
[laugh hysterically]